Personal and Shared Knowledge

Beliefs are what we believe that are true, however it is what we think, not necessarily the truth. Our beliefs can be judgements, which will not be accepted and agreed on by everyone. Beliefs can be argued and thought against, however, facts are proven to be true, therefore, it is less likely that people will argue against. I believe that the statement is true since having our own facts could not make people believe in us, instead, it will be easier for others to believe in our beliefs. Beliefs tend to become facts when it is said by people who have power or are at a high class level, therefore, it is more likely to be trusted by the society. However, if it is said by an ordinary person, it will not become a fact, instead, it will argued against by the society. This demonstrates how people can be entitled to their beliefs but not the facts.

Knowledge and Explaining

What do you think TOK is, and why does the IB make you take it?

The TOK stands for theory of knowledge. The IB makes us take it because it will be useful for us in the future. The TOK course will allow us to gain understandings and learn new skills. For example, TOK will allow us to have better communication skills. This is because it gives us the chance to start up new discussions and allows us to share ideas with each other. Communication skills is very important in our life since it is a skill that is needed no matter what, it will be needed in our future career. Secondly, TOK makes us reflect on ourselves. This is an important life skill since we are not always right. We can be wrong sometimes and we will need to reflect and improve ourselves. The IB wants us to take TOK since it will make us reflect on ourselves and find ways to develop ourselves into better human beings. By taking the TOK course, we are allowed the opportunity for ourselves to be more aware of ourselves and the way how we think and act. I think that the TOK course will change the way how I will think and reflect, which would be impactful towards how I act in the future. TOK will make us become better learners in the future.