December Response

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Discuss your practice routines and development on your instrument. *
I practice quite often during this few months, at first I practiced almost everyday and gradually I practiced less. This was because I wasn’t used to playing with the flute after not playing the flute for a few years. I believe that I got better at playing the flute I was a few months ago.
How successful were you at your theory test? Discuss the concepts that you did not master. *
I was rushing through the test so I messed up one of the intervals question, however this did not affect my score as I still got an 8. I think I did good on the theory test, if I paid more attention when double checking my work, I think I would have gotten a better grade.
What are your strategies to improve results in the subsequent months? *
I would try not to rush through the test and use the time wisely. I would also try to complete the worksheet assigned in class accurately so I would have a smaller chance of messing up on the test.
How do you show the IB Learner Profile in the music class? *
I am principled as I finish my work in time and I listen to the teacher in music class. I also practice playing the instrument at home before coming into the next music class.