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Genesis research

Link of your research


What information are you using from this link

Simple information about how to do a mashup. The first step would get a library of songs that I would like to do mash-up with. The second step would be adding tracks. The third step would be to find a matching song for it. The fourth step is to beat match the songs. The fifth step is to edit the song. The sixth step is to mix with EQ and volume.

Link of your research


how to mash up with garage band. It shows me how to listen to the song to get the original bpm and change the bpm using garage band. It still shows me how to crop a part of the song in garage band.

Link of your research

How to mashup different songs. Mix two songs by replacing a drop of one song for another drop in the other song. How to use some Simple EQ in the music. How to change the volume of a song.

Link of your research

What information are you using from this link?

Some more steps about how to make a mash-up. Step1 find an acapella and instrumental version of a sound. Beat match both of the parts. Do some mix on the acapella version of the song. At last, replace the instrumental version of a song to a different song to mix those songs together.

Project Genesis Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment and why?

Mashup. This is because I haven’t tried to do a mash-up yet, and I want to make a mash-up that sounds very good.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal

1. Find some songs that have similar bpm

2.beat match it to make sure that nothing would go wrong

3.find some of the similar part in the two different songs

4.cut that part I want off the original track 5.adjust the eq of the clips that I have chosen to mash-up with

6.line up the cut off parts from the song in a cool way

7.ask for some peer review, or from teacher

8.do some adjustments according to review

9.submit the final product

What criteria will you use to self assess this assignment?

1. It will have at least 3 different songs

2. It will be at least 2 minutes long

3. The tempo will be constant during the song

4. There will be no bad words in the song.

5. There will be at least 3 peer reviews for the final product

final jazz composition

for the final jazz composition, I have made several changes compare to my draft. The first thing is to get rid of a lot of jumpy 16th note and replaced it with either 8th or quarter notes, which made it sound much more relaxing. Second, I have changed the last 5 bars so it sounds similar to the rest of the composition. I have added some dynamics change as well in the music sheet although it doesn’t sound like there’s any in the recording for some reason.

Blues Changes in F – Piano with Tenor Sax (2)