Proposal for Arts Project


I am a Hongkonger Proposal
Group Members and HRs
Kyle (No one else) ;-;
What are your Personal Goals and Intention of this project?
My goal is to make a scene using DRAMA, having ART as background and have MUSIC in the background audio. I will make this a video, and in it, I will deliver both sadness and hope in my life.
How does this project connect to your English Poem of choice?
My English poem is about a poor local fisherman having sad memories in the past, reminding him of his old life.
Direct link to your poem, or poem text
Link to Poem
What are you success criteria?

Must be tangible and measurable… Label this point by point please!

  • Need to carry out emotion in the scene (Drama)
  • Storyline Sense (Drama)
  • Melodramatic (Drama)
  • Music must be rhythmic or a remix of a song (Music)
  • Use software instruments in GarageBand (Music)
  • Drawings need to show what it is (Art)
  • Stop Motion (Art)
  • Some surrealism in the drawings (Art)
What materials do you need to complete your project?
Drawing paper, Tripod and TIME
What equipment will you need to present your project?

(Very important if you are doing a live presentation – we need to organise this in advance!)

MacBook Pro
Artwork will be presented outside the LLAC

All live presentations and videos will be on the LLAC stage.

I would like to comment on my ancestor’s life, this is because I like to discover my history. I also have hope for the future of Hong Kong. I intend to use drama, music, and visual arts, basically everything. This is because I like all the subjects and I want to make a combination, to make it special and unique.

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