Sound of CDNIS – Music Assignment


For this project, we were supposed to use all the skill that we had acquired earlier in the music rotation to make a song that would include 2 or more original melodic software instruments, 4 or more CDNIS sounds (1 vocal), sounds edited using plugins, 4 or more loops (separate tracks) and 1 drum track. 

Describe the process of this assignment. 

The process of this assignment was to create a song which includes 4 or more sounds of CDNIS which are supposed to be sounds from the outside, 4 or more loops, 1 drum track and we were supposed to use the plugins. For the sounds of CDNIS since we weren’t at school, we had to use sounds at home or of the city and since I wasn’t allowed to go out I used the sounds at home. I used the sounds of me calling someone, me clicking my pen, someone reading a book or like the pages of a book being flipped and me clapping my hands. I recorded them on my phones and then airdropped them to my computer. The plugins part were a bit harder as even though we had used them before I didn’t know which one would work best with my music so I used different plugins that could work with the sound I had. Mr.O’Toole then helped me make them better by adding more plugins. The loops were the easiest part as we had worked with them earlier in the music rotation.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

Once again we weren’t in the school during this rotation so we had to use sounds that we found at home. The sounds I found at home were quite helpful as I used it so that there were a beat and a pattern that could easily work with the music I had already created. The claps and the clicks were really useful as I could both like separate them from the full audio and make it more interesting like when I put the click and the claps together it made the same sound. I didn’t use the full audio for the call as I just wanted that one part but it was quite hard to get as I planned to record the sound when I was calling my cousin and she always picked up too early. The page of the book being flipped is a sound that has low volume so it was quite hard at first to figure out where to place it during the song and then I think that they went well with the clap so I just put them together. I think I could’ve easily gone without the book flip part but it adds a bit more to the song. About the other 3 sounds, I think they were essential to the song.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

During this project, I learned about how to use plugins in a more advance way as now they have to fit with the song we have created and it sometimes can be a challenge. I also find that finding good sounds to go with our song can be quite hard as not every sound can go well with the song. I learned how to put a sound right on the beat so that it doesn’t make it seem like it’s a bit late in the song or not on beat. I think that I definitely could’ve done this task in time but I procrastinated too much which didn’t help especially with classes online.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

During this project, the challenges I overcame were how I didn’t really know how to use the plugins but in the end I had a lot of help with Mr.O’Toole’s screencast and the sheet we made at the beginning of the music rotation. I also handed in my work really late because I wasn’t well engaged in the online school classes regarding music.

Here is my music : 

Appoline Masdebrieu 8F




My Ukulele Song – Riptide


How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

My recording is the same as the original song because I kept the same notes. My recording is different because I don’t have the same tempo because his song was really fast and I don’t think it suits the lyrics. I chose to go slower because it is more appropriate for the lyrics and the way the strumming was it was too complicated.


How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment?
As I said in the previous answer the strumming was really complicated and I could hear everyone’s strumming so I could find some that kind of looked like mine. I found some people that did a more gentle strumming and I did like them because I suited best the lyrics of my song. For Garage Band, we had a lesson about how can we insert a drum and a piano. For the singing, I remembered all the lyrics so it was pretty easy and I wasn’t in time so I put the music in my earphones and it was much easier for the rhythm too. We had a few classes to practice and then Mr.O’Tool kept reminding us that we needed to record and do the drums and the singing, he also said that the strumming was more important t to do it in class because we don’t all have a ukulele at home but we can sing and to the drum at home. After that at the beginning of each class the teacher kind of told us what we should be doing during this class so it helped me keep track of everything I needed to do for the assessment. I also tried to learn from YouTube because sometimes the teacher wasn’t here so I couldn’t ask him for information.
 Appoline Masdebrieu

Ukulele Submission – Amazing Grace

Discuss your Ukulele recording. Items to discuss include timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy.
The notes are C, G7 and D. The time signature was 3/4 which means that there are 3 strumming per measure and I am not used to it, I am used to four strums per measure. When I recorded I noticed that my notes were slower but that my strumming was faster. I was slower with the notes because it was harder for me to move my fingers around but with the notes, it was kind of the same as guitar so I was used to it. Since my notes were slow the full notes were really long and the half-notes were too long so I need to trim it. To trim you need to do Command+T.
Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. Items to discuss include editing, timing, arranging, timing, etc. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?


At first, I didn’t understand how to use Garage Band but then when I opened it everything made sense. I first put the metronome to a slower tempo so that it would help me to stay on the same beat, but I realized that I was too slow and sometimes too fast so I needed to edit the timing. I recorded the piece of music in sections of 4 bars. After editing the timing it was okay. I had the problem when my earphones won’t work that means I couldn’t hear anything or do anything. So I tried to use Garage Band without earphones but you could hear the metronome in it so I needed to find another way. I went on the Garage Band button then selected preferences and then clicked in Audio/MIDI and changed output device on built-in output and for the input device, I changed it to Built-in Microphone. After everything worked.


Appoline Masdebrieu

Based on the cup challenge what have I learned about the design cycle

Based on the cup challenge I have learnt that the design cycle is something that you can do without even knowing it. I have learnt to ask and being curious was an obvious step. After when you have all the information you can easily imagine what your cup will look like after you create it, but sometimes things are wrong like it’s leaking, it cannot stand alone well all these things you have to fix them. The design cycle is something that will help us all along our life.

This is the cup that I and my partner created we tested it but it is not waterproof but it stays up.


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