Project Genesis Research

1. Link of your research

What information are you using from this link?

I am using this mashup from Two Friends as an inspiration for my own mashup. I like many elements of this mashup including the songs used and the bridges between the songs, but I especially like the flow of this mashup that’s why I am using it as a base.

2. Link of your research

What information are you using from this link?

This is a sum up of all the different things I need to do to make my mashup complete. Within the video, he basically makes a mashup and explains everything as he does it, which is great for me as I understand what he is doing in the video.

3. Link of your research

What information are you using from this link?

This is an article about mashup creation, this is slightly harder to understand than the video, but it has much more information regarding the creation of a mashup and some of the information like “matching music key” to be very helpful.

4. Link of your research

What information are you using from this link?

I like this site because it also provides me with good tips and advice but from a more first person perspective rather than a more generalized perspective like the previous article. In addition, instead of giving general tips, its more of a step by step instruction manual, which makes following its instructions much easier.


Project Genesis Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment and why? 

My goal for the assignment is to learn how to use Logic Pro X more effectively in addition learning how to compose an EDM House track with acoustic elements to make it more unique. I decided to set this goal as I want to get into music production and I believe that the first step to achieving this is to learn the software that makes it all happen and also produce an EDM track as I believe that this is the easiest form of music to produce therefore making it a great starting point.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. 

To achieve my goal of learning Logic Pro X and creating an EDM track, first I will attempt to use more keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the function as this will dramatically speed up my workflow in the long run. In addition to this, I will also employ the help of my piano teacher as she is fluent in the use of Logic Pro X. As for the composition of my EDM track, I will learn the basics of composing an EDM track via online resources like YouTube in addition to my basic knowledge of the piano and music theory.

What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 

Some of the criteria I will use to self assess my final product include, the pacing of the track, the transitions between the intro, verse, chorus, hook, etc. ,the beat, volume management (make sure the song is consistently soft or loud to avoid having the listener change the volume while listening to the track), and most importantly how the song sounds (so does the song sound good). In addition to this, my project must have at least a minimum of 7 tracks (including drums, melody, sound effects) and the song should be no less than 1:30 seconds and no longer than 3 minutes.

Music Summative



Describe the process of this assignment.

First, I had to design the main melody. Then I started to layer the main drum beat onto the track. Next, I started to record the different sounds I wanted in my music like the snap, the claps and also the shower. Then I started to create the beat drop along with the baseline for it. After that, I started to put all the other sound effects and loops into my track and make sure they flow with the beat and drums. At this point, I thought there wasn’t enough kick to the beat drop, so I decided to add another bass track and also added a Big Room GB drum machine track in addition to a drum loop. After I recorded my “1234” sound effect I copied the whole track so it meets the 2min mark. After a few final touches, my project was complete.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

In my project, I used 4 different sounds. The first sound I used is the sound of a showerhead, this had a relatively high impact to the final product as it is a very obvious and distinct sound. For my second sound, it is a sound recording of a metronome. I decided to add this because it creates a more distinct snap sound compared to the synthetic snaps of the Retro Rock software instrument. This had a huge impact to the final product as it is a very unique and distinguishable sound. For my third sound, I decided to add a clapping sound to make the drum hits sound less hollow. This might not have had as big an impact as the last two sounds but the track would definitely sound different without this. Lastly, I had a finger snapping sound to bridge the melody with the beat drop. This is by far the most impactful sound as the song would literally not work without this sound.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

In this project, I learned how to use the Appegiator and also different plug-ins, more specifically the ESP2 plugin curtesy of the techno chords preset and also the Channel-EQ. I also learned some Logic Pro X shortcuts to make my workflow more efficient. 

What challenges did you face and overcome?

While making my project I faced many challenges. One of the more major ones was when I bounced my project, some notes in the output .mp3 file sounded different from the one in my editor. I resolved this by retiming the notes. Secondly, I also encountered issues with connecting my digital piano and also changing the audio input and output. It was a minor problem, but a very crucial one. In the end, I solved these audio problems by looking up online tutorials on how to solve them.


A screenshot of my project.