The Reflection of Semester 1 By Nisha

I enjoyed this year so far. In the beginning, I thought the PYPx would be hard and unpleasant. But when we started it, I realized that it was not that hard. Even though I was extremely nervous about my proposal, I was approved to continue with my topic which is Left-Handed Opinions. But now I have to stress about something else. And that is our Ignite Talk. The Ignite Talk is when all the grade 6s have to persuade their classmates to do something about a problem local or global within 1-2 minutes. I have my speech ready, but the problem is that my speech is way over, I tried talking fast on Friday so that it will be within that amount of time, but I have failed and went over. The amount of time it took me was 2:48 minutes. I hope I do well on the 17th/tomorrow. But I actually enjoyed dance, since we got to learn traditional dances from 2 different places. 

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