Beginning of the year 2 by Nisha


We have been doing 3 different workshops each. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

On Tuesday I did Art that was inspired by science, and I did a piece of art that was pointillism. It was tiring but worth it because it turned out to be successful.  

On Wednesday I did baking, we baked chocolate chip cookies and looked at the different textures when different ingredients are mixed in , chemical and physical reactions.

On Thursday, some of us did cooking, and we made ice-cream. We learned that salt makes ice colder. 

The steps:

  • Take 2-3 cups of ice, then crush the ice in a towel, and place it a big ziplock bag.
  • And then add in coarse salt(bigger) or table salt (smaller and feels like sand) 
  • In a smaller, ziplock bag add the mixture of how your ice-cream will taste like(we put vanilla). 

* Make sure it is closed tightly and properly 

  • Put the small ziplock into the big ziplock bag that has the ice and salt it.
  • Wrap the ziplocks in towels or wear gloves to prevent cold hands, and shake it for 10-15 minutes continuously.

*Keep shaking until it is hard like ice-cream. 

  • Once it is hard, take it out of the bag and scoop it out.
  • Lastly enjoy, you will get a sweet and salty vanilla ice-cream to eat.

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