My Camp reflection by Nisha Gooris Si Ming

Camp Reflections

I am writing about camp that we went on a Wednesday, 27th of November, 2018. We went to Gilwell camp. On the first day we did high elements, I was terrified of the heights, I was afraid that I would fall and injure myself badly, and at that time I remembered the story that my mum told me about her brave cousin. So once she was a professional rock climber so she was very confident. So once day she wanted to go on a cliff far from home so she told them where she would be going on, in case they were worried were she was. When she got to the cliff she realized that she forgot the harness, but she was so confident that she decided that she would climb the tall and steep cliff. When she was ¾ up the cliff she lost her grip and she fell to her death.So that was partly what scared me. On the second day we did two beautiful hikes up the mountains surrounding the camp. The first one required some rock climbing (I slipped very rarely), the second one was a little painful, we had to walk more than 50,000 stare cases!!!! But both of them was worth it. On the third day we did kayaking, we went to the beach and started learning and reviewing different strokes with the paddle. Once we were done with that we kayaked with a buddy ( my buddy was Emma) all the way to a very small but cute island that captain Jack Sparrow went on, so we were really luck that we got to go on that island. My favourite activity was the kayaking, because I love to kayak, and it is very enjoyable. The least favourite activity that was still fun was the high elements because it reminded me of my poor relative who fell to her death.


If I went back I would change that we would have more kayaking and more rock climbing or hiking on mountains.


If I were to give the next grade 5s, my advice would be go to the toilet in the right way, aim, don’t mind if the toilet is clogged with poop or paper. And that the camp is really fun but they have to be safe, don’t be silly in and on dangerous places and objects, and respect their facilities or they won’t go far with the fun.


And that was my reflections on camp in my first year ever with CDNIS / Canadian International School of Hong Kong.


This to the next grade fives.

Have fun in YOUR Grade 5 camp!!!!!  

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