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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

中文評估反思 高思明

在評估裡,我們要介紹我們畫的衡量設計,也要說我們畫的圖畫的意思。我準備畫我的衡量設計前,我在網上找中國人喜歡的動物,所以衡量設計會有更多意思。我找到了:鳥、螞蟻、蜜蜂、獾、等等…… 我在衡量上畫了龍、鳳凰、蝙蝠、陰陽、和竹子。我也找了為什麼中國人喜歡這些動物。比如:竹子的意思是慢慢頸部,好像竹子慢慢長高、陰陽代表世界的平衡,好像男和女……我覺得我說的不好因為我停頓了好多次。如果下次又要說,我就會練習比這次更。(Link)

The Reflection of Semester 1 By Nisha

I enjoyed this year so far. In the beginning, I thought the PYPx would be hard and unpleasant. But when we started it, I realized that it was not that hard. Even though I was extremely nervous about my proposal, I was approved to continue with my topic which is Left-Handed Opinions. But now I have to stress about something else. And that is our Ignite Talk. The Ignite Talk is when all the grade 6s have to persuade their classmates to do something about a problem local or global within 1-2 minutes. I have my speech ready, but the problem is that my speech is way over, I tried talking fast on Friday so that it will be within that amount of time, but I have failed and went over. The amount of time it took me was 2:48 minutes. I hope I do well on the 17th/tomorrow. But I actually enjoyed dance, since we got to learn traditional dances from 2 different places. 

Visual Arts Project by Nisha

We had to make a mini-museum about ourselves and a grade 4 and 3 came and we had to tell them a story, but not just any story but a story about ourselves. We had to have at least 10 items and we also had to make some items. 

I brought in a trophy, my pointe shoes, soft shoes, character shoes, headphones, and a picture of my dog Pepper. I made the other four items which were: Friendship bracelets, Pom pom, I drew a bookmark and a drawing of a polar bear with a wolf. I think it was organized and many came to my booth, so that is a sign that people liked it.

Performing Arts Blues Project Relflection

In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own blues piece.

Our Planning Sheet

We had a Blues bass line, Blues lyrics were sung, and Improvisation (physical, vocal or instrumental). Our instruments went pretty well, they rarely hit a wrong note. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we were stressed out a lot, that was one of the things that went wrong. If we could do it again I would make sure everything is ok, organized and understood so that when we put it together it will be easier, and more successful than this time’s one. We were successful in utilizing self-motivation: In the end, we were stressed out but we not only motivated ourselves but each other. And emotional management: Before I got stressed really easily, now I can control my stress easier. The process of creating the piece is: We first created the lyrics for our piece. Once we were finished, then we decided what instruments to use and think of what pattern of notes we should use, but it had to be notes for the blues piece. Lastly, we had to put it together. The most challenging was probably the end since we weren’t very used to playing together. I enjoyed this project because we got to use the instruments, but I most certainly did not enjoy the stress at the end and the nervousness when we were filming. 

The One Day Simulator Change By Nisha

On November 5th, the teachers, vice principal, and the administrators of our school did a simulator on the Grade 6s. They were certain rules that we could not break, and if we did there were consequences. Many people were either angry or upset or both, some people were so sad that they started crying, because they were so lonely and at lunch since we weren’t allowed to sit with our friends. Many people spoke out loud about how they did not like it and what they felt. This might have affected some people but it might not have affected others. They did this so that we knew how to voice our thoughts out loud unafraid, but also to teach us to write in a persuasive way. So in the future in case we need to write a persuasive letter, it will come to us easier.


今天我想跟你分享我有進步、要進步、怎麼可以進步的地方。我有進步的地方是讀書,上一年我沒有認識很多子,今年我有認識更多容易和複雜的詞語了!我要進步的地方是要努力的寫封好的作文,因為上一年我寫的作文不太好,所以我今年想進步。我可以怎麼進步呢?今年我可以寫更多作文,所以可以進步。       謝謝

What I am doing for the PYPx by Nisha

For my PYPx I hesitated between 4 different expeditions: Left handed rights, stray animals, photographs on problems in HK, and art on problems in the world. In the end, I decided to go with Left Handed Rights. The reason I went with this was because not many people would do this kind of project, for the PYPx. Also because I once read a book, and the main character was a left-handed boy, who was forced to learn to use his right-hand instead. I might want to learn how it feels like to be left-handed instead of being right-handed, I think one of the challenges I will have to face is bringing awareness to the people who are left handed.

My Own Science Inquiry By Nisha

At school we have to take our farther, and by saying that I mean we are doing our own inquiry! We got to choose if we want to work in a group or individually. I chose to work with two of my friends: Pippa and Jemima. So we decided that we are doing our inquiry based on baking. We want to see: 

How do different types of sugar affect baking?

What I found:


The brown sugar is sweeter. Caster sugar is finer than granulated sugar but it is the same. Icing sugar is sweeter than the brown sugar. Theory: The finer the sugar is, the sweeter it is.



Different types of sugar affects the texture. This union of sugar and water affects the texture of baked goods in two important ways. It keeps baked goods soft and moist. The bond between sugar and water allows sugar to lock in moisture so that items such as cakes, muffins, brownies, and frostings don’t dry out too quickly.


The Beginning of the Year 3 by Nisha

What we are doing in Math

What we are doing in math is Patterns. We are almost done with this inquiry. We had quite a few questions that we had to answer. At first I had no clue of what the rule and formula could be but now since we have been doing it a lot I know and understand patterns better. I feel that I have a more positive mindset than when we first started the unit.

Beginning of the year 2 by Nisha


We have been doing 3 different workshops each. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

On Tuesday I did Art that was inspired by science, and I did a piece of art that was pointillism. It was tiring but worth it because it turned out to be successful.  

On Wednesday I did baking, we baked chocolate chip cookies and looked at the different textures when different ingredients are mixed in , chemical and physical reactions.

On Thursday, some of us did cooking, and we made ice-cream. We learned that salt makes ice colder. 

The steps:

  • Take 2-3 cups of ice, then crush the ice in a towel, and place it a big ziplock bag.
  • And then add in coarse salt(bigger) or table salt (smaller and feels like sand) 
  • In a smaller, ziplock bag add the mixture of how your ice-cream will taste like(we put vanilla). 

* Make sure it is closed tightly and properly 

  • Put the small ziplock into the big ziplock bag that has the ice and salt it.
  • Wrap the ziplocks in towels or wear gloves to prevent cold hands, and shake it for 10-15 minutes continuously.

*Keep shaking until it is hard like ice-cream. 

  • Once it is hard, take it out of the bag and scoop it out.
  • Lastly enjoy, you will get a sweet and salty vanilla ice-cream to eat.