Ukulele Song – Budapest

How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

The strumming has the same chords and pattern as the artist uses in his song, there are three different chords C, F, and G. I kept this the same because of the chords together sound nice and the strumming pattern is different from any most songs because it starts with a single strum on the C string. The tempo of my piece of music is slower than the original tempo. This gives you more time to enjoy the song and the tempo is easier to sing for the audience (because it is slower). I added piano because it goes well with the drum and ukulele, it keeps the tempo together. My drum keeps the beat with a basic sound and simple patterns to match the song.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment?

First, I to recorded every chord (C, F, G) then edit them to make them sound nice, then I copy and pasted all the chords I needed for every measure, and then I put them in the right order. Mr. OToole listened to it and helped me make the chords even sound nicer and fixed the timing of my strumming ( on Garageband ). Once my strumming sounded done I moved on to my drums, I found the right timing. I did my drums second because when I move on to the piano, I can follow the beat of the drums and play the notes on the right timing. Once the drums were finished I moved on to the piano ( an instrument the original song doesn’t contain ). I asked miss Po where the chords C, F, and G were on the keyboard because I have no knowledge about the piano. I finished piano, I made sure every beat started at the same time. Finally, I started the singing, but before  I listened to the song a few times, so I know when to start and stop singing. When everything was done I asked Mr. OToole for feedback and he helped me edit my piece of work.

Time management

At the beginning of this assignment, I started with a different song, but I kept on struggling. I choose an easier song to play (recommended by Lily), Budapest. It cost me a lot of time, I had to catch up, I came to lunches to work on my editing, recording and asking for feedback. Then after a week or two, I was back on track. I was able to finish it on time and had time to do my reflection in class.


Clarinet Assessment – Music


Go for Excellence #84 – 22:1:2019, 11.55

Music: Ukulele Recording ( Au Clair de la Lune )

Here is my recording of Au Clair de la Lune ( by Camille Saint-Saëns and Gerard Beauchamp )…

Discuss your Ukulele song choice and the skills you acquired.

I chose the song called, ‘Au Clair de la Lune’ because it is a French song ( I speak french ) and I knew the song already. The first four measures are repeated in the measures 5 until 8, F F F G, A G, F A G G, F. It is difficult the transition with your fingers between the notes F and D in measure 11. You can play this piece in any rhythm, only if you know when you have to start and stop singing.

How did it go…?

At first, I was struggling because I couldn’t remember where every note was, I didn’t enjoy playing the ukulele at first. Until I could remember every note ( I could play without looking at my sheet ), I started to enjoy it.


Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?

I have no experience with a ukulele or GarageBand, so everything was new to me.  I didn’t use the metronome button because I knew when I had to play every beat, I sang the beats in my head. The tempo of my piece was 80, not to slow and not to fast. First I struggled a bit with strumming because it didn’t sound right, I kept on recording again and again. When I finished my three recordings, I saw that the melody and strumming were not always in time. I started to trim and cutting by pressing on command  ‘T’  and dragging the audio region forwards or backward. I tried to use enable flex but I wasn’t sure how to use it. In the end, I pressed command ‘J’ so the audio region would be one track.

Instrument Research

In music we have to choose a band instrument such as the trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, tuba or percussion. I choose clarinet because I like the sound of it and I don’t have much experience with music (this is one of the easier ones).

If you want to learn an instrument, you also need to know how to take care of it. So I watched some videos…

Supplies you need or are recommended:

  • Yamaha Key Or
  • A common paper towel
  • Pull through swaps
  • Rubbing alcohol (spray bottle)
  • Duster brush
  • Cleaning cloth

Here are some clarinet covers that I liked:

A goal that I want to achieve is, ‘I will try my best to practice everyday at least 10min.’






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