My Clock Design

This is a link to my answers to these three question about my clock.

    1. What were the most constructive pieces of feedback?
    2. How did you successfully satisfy the design specifications?
    3. How would you improve your clock?

My Logo – Design

I like playing volleyball and my dog, Choco, is awesome (he is a labradoodle). I left it black and white because it is different from everyone else his/her logo (contrast).

What about some feedback:
  • In what ways does my logo represents me? If you can’t figure out how it represents me, what could I add ?
  • Could I improve on something ( element ) to make it more clear? If yes, what could change?
  • Is this too complicated? If it is what could I delete or change to make it more simple?
  • Is this memorable? If yes what makes it memorable?


    After reading all the feedback I made 2 paragraphs:

In what ways did I create a successful logo?

My logo was successful with the idea of a dog playing volleyball, which makes it memorable for most people. Everyone understood how it represents me, the two things that I deeply love. What some commenters like was that my logo was different from everyone’s else’s because it didn’t have any colours. Most logos have shapes around them but mine doesn’t, this way it looks like the dog has jumped really high you can’t even see the ground ( cool ) and it is again different from other logos. 

What improvements would I make to my logo?

One of the changes I can make is, someone’s idea was putting a coloured circle behind it, so it  would help to make it more interesting and complete. The dog was a bit complicated and unclear so I might want to ask some people ‘What can I change of my dog to make it more clear of what it is?’ or I could get some inspiration from the internet. One of the commenters said: ‘Maybe for the volleyball net, you should have two lines at the side to show that its a net.’, if that will make the volleyball net more obvious than I surely use it. Another commenter said: ‘I think you should make the dog much simpler or get rid of the volleyball net, as I can tell it’s volleyball with just the ball.’ (thank you for your opinion), I think if you would get rid of the net, some people will think I play basketball or netball, so I will leave the net. Then there are some small details that need some perfection.

I changed somethings in my logo and now it looks like this….

What do you think about it?




Design – Cup Challenge

Cup Challenge – Design

During design we watched videos or we tried to create our own design of an origami cup with A4paper. How I created my origami cup, first I tried to design my own origami cup but it failed. So to give me an idea I watched a quick video, I followed the first steps and then I tried to continued without watching the end of the video… it worked!


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