Energy Sharing

Energy sharing was fun because I like talking to people I don’t know and I like being able to share my ideas with others. We had to choose an “Option A or B”  kinda project. I chose option B because it had art included and I like drawing. Option B was that we had to create a diagram or a drawing of an energy system and show it to some third graders. Option A was more of a logic writing thing so I didn’t really choose that. I probably draw better than I rite or spel. I think that I did a pretty good job because all my “Graphing our Knowledge” sheets all have good marks on them. (I only got 3 because my presentation was long) I had a lot of info and I joked around a bit so I think that that was a good combination for a fun afternoon. I really like talking to random people and I’m not scared of public speaking (Unlike the other 75% of the population who are scared of public speaking. Cough cough the other 238 million people cough cough) I feel kinda bad for the kids that were listing to me because I think that I was all facts and I was really boring and dull and monotone. I know that if Third Grade Me was listening to me talk I would be asleep.

Time for some Pictures

Ignite Talk

I think that My ignite talk was a success because I managed to deliver my speech with the slides successfully.

First I had to write a script for the speech and I did it for Home Learning. We were also given time in class (Steps for Success). I had a few problems with the speech so I had to re-do the whole script. After a few more minor edits, I managed to finish my script and print it out.

Writing the script was one thing but filming was a whole different problem. First, Nic and I went to a staircase to film and it had a really bad echo. Secondly, people kept coming up and down from the green roof and they kept getting into our shots. After a good half an hour, we managed to get a good take and went back to the classroom to get started on editing. As you may or may not have expected, we did it wrong. Nic and I used Photobooth instead of Quick Time Player. We couldn’t edit a video on photobooth and we had to go back to the echoing staircase to film for another half an hour.

After Nic and I finished filming, we went to work. I was editing and Nic was writing his script. (Because he was in Japan for two days into our school week) I was done editing and went on to victory! (I think).

Here is a link to my Video: Matthew’s Steps for Success