The Chubby Chicken Assembly Preparation

Recently we had an assembly and it was awesome!

We had 2 weeks to plan the whole assembly and we all signed up for different jobs like MCs or director or Tech Support. I managed to get in as a tech support and I had to do some filming for all the passions and interests of 6C.  Jasper totally Hogged the camera even though all the filmers were allowed to use it so. That didn’t faze us one bit! I had to carry the (HEAVY!) Tri-pod around and if I was lucky, work the sound and film a little. We had a green screen behind the seat where the person getting filmed sat that had got poorly taped up. One time it fell down so I had to stand on a shelf and hold it up while jasper filmed. Ryan was also there working the sound and video and asking the questions. One time we were filming and I accidentally dropped it and I guess they forgot about me being there and I scared the pants off them. It was pretty hard to hear if they were done filming behind the thick piece of cloth so once in a while, in the middle of a filming, I would shout, ARE YA GUYS DUNN YETTTTTT?  and they would have to start all over again. (Sorry).

Nicolas had a dance improv and requested confetti. We spent all recess cutting scrap paper but it was worth it. Kelson threw handfuls of confetti from the floor above onto Nicolas.

James and Ryan were doing a magic show and (Surprisingly) required a trash bin with a mechanical lid. Luckily, Megan contributed one and their show was a success!

Overall it was a fun experience preparing the assembly and it was absolutely awesome!

6C – A Safe and Friendly Class

I believe that 6C is a safe and friendly class. 6C is a safe class because everyone doesn’t fight or hurt each other in any way. They know what is dangerous and what isn’t. They don’t play with scissors or kick and punch each other. I thick 6C is a friendly class because everyone is supportive and pushes each other to go higher and be better at all things and there is always someone to turn to for help. In 6C there are no gangs or groups because everyone is friends with each other. I hope this keeps up because if we keep this up 6C will be a very social, Safe, successful class.

First Week of 6th Grade

Hello Everyone (That chooses to come see my blog.) My name is Matthew. This year I changed schools and went to CDNIS. I didn’t know anyone at CDNIS. What if i don’t make friends! Who will show me around! What will I do! It was really scary because I went to the same school (Island Christian Academy) for six years and When I first went, I wasn’t scared for two reasons. 1, I was in year one and 2, Everyone was new there because the school just opened! Back to CDNIS.


On the first day of school, I went to my classroom, I feel like I am doing well in all subjects except Chinese. I don’t think that I was ever good at Chinese but surprisingly at ICA Intermediate High class (AKA you are pretty good but you aren’t good enough to be in the advanced class.)

I love PA(Performing Arts) and Visual Arts because i am pretty good at music and drawing.


At ICA we were not allowed to decorate the classroom let alone go the toilet without permission.

Altogether I think that I now have more responsibilities but I can do a lot of things myself now.

(Like go the bathroom myself.) ICA didn’t have a pool, a gym, or MacBooks.

I don’t think that I can diss my old school because MY education THERE helped me get into CDNIS.


I am really missing my friends at ICA but I feel like CDNIS is a better chance for me and also ICA doesn’t have a high school.  I made friends with Nicolas Wong on the first day of school. Now you can call THAT progress.