Uke Summative – Eastside

Hi, For my uke summative I chose the song Eastside. It was really fun using software instruments and I really enjoyed playing the uke. The only hard part I had was singing because I can’t sing.

Well anyway, Hope you enjoy!

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this?

The chords and drums are at the same time as the recording because I specifically listened carefully at the real song to try my best to match it as perfectly as I could. The speed is also the same as the real song because I checked the Beats Per Minute. I also made the drums and the chords start and stop at the same time as in the real song. I did all this because I wanted this project to be as accurate to the actual song as well as I could because I felt like it would sound better if I didn’t try to make the beats different. It also made it easier for me to do the software instrument because I could just listen to the actual song and then translate it onto a different tone in my GarageBand.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

There are many things that are different in my recording than the actual song like my singing. I changed the tone of the whole song so that I could play easier ukulele chords and so I had to change my singing to the same tone otherwise it would be out of tone and sound really weird. when I was recording the lyrics, I sang some of the lyrics wrong and I might have sung different notes than the ones in the song because I can’t sing really high or low. I changed the notes for the melody on my software instrument because I found it hard to make the notes 100% accurate, I just played the notes according to what I thought the actual notes were but it turned out it wasn’t very accurate. I liked it though and so I kept it.
Ukulele Skills…
I feel like my ukulele skills are sufficient because I am able to change chords fast and strum well. I feel like in this project, it was easier to play the ukulele because I only had 4 chords and they were C F A and G. They are all really easy to play and easy to change to. When I recorded my Uke, I recorded the notes that were repeated throughout the song, then I copied and pasted it over and over again.
Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use…
 I think that the editing and the software instruments are the fun part. I recorded 3 drum tracks on my own. One for cymbals, one for the bass drum, then one with snare and claps. When you put them all together, they sound good. I also have one automatic drummer for the chorus and it helps make it more upbeat and louder. I have 4 Pianos. 2 for melody, 1 for chords and one for the bottom note of the chord. I also have one bass that plays the same notes like the one piano that plays the bottom note of the chord.
Time management for your project…
Time management wasn’t a problem at first but it became harder at the end. I wasn’t free all day this Friday, Saturday and Sunday because I was at church but by that point in time, I just needed to do my singing. I was sort of ahead of time at the start because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it on 3 days. I did it when I had free time and on the bus and It helped a lot. My plan was to do a bit every day but I kept slacking off and going off task and I slowly became behind. This morning (Mon 20 Jan), I woke up really early so that I could sing and edit the final bits. That’s why my voice sounded so bad.
Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time)
I think that I was responsible because I was trying to take action because I knew that I had 3 fewer days but I kept slacking and I soon became behind. I had to rush it in the morning it was due. Around that time was when I realised that I needed to do work. I wish that I had more time to sing and edit because I think that mine was really sloppy.

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