Unitè 1 Parlez-vous français Le critère C et D a l’oral


In case you were wondering, ya summer break was good. This is my first 7th Grade Blog Post.

My task was to do a french introduction. I was partners with Nic (My Fellow 6C Newbie) and I think that we did pretty well. Now I have to do a reflection on how I think I did. So here it is!

I think that I did pretty well. I got a 6 out of 8 and for a beginner, I think that that is a pretty good score. I mispronounced  “tu aimes”, “c’est” and “au milieu”.  I showed enthusiasm when I spoke and I think that I spoke pretty decently. (for a first-timer)! I think that Nic and I need to cooperate better and work together better so that we know what lines each other is speaking because we got confused a lot. I think that I need to manage my time better making the script and recording because we almost didn’t have time to record the audio. We also need to practice more because we made a few careless mistakes.

Now I know what I need to improve on and I hope that I won’t make those mistakes again in the future

thanks! Byeeeeeeeeeeeee (or au revoir to make mdm Boyle happy)

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