The Process of my Exhibition Proposal

I just had my exhibition proposal and it went really well, I got approved and I am very happy now that I can start my research. Here is my process:

The first day was when Mr. Mark told us we had to have had out proposal before December whatever or something so I divided to think about my topic a bit. It took a while but eventually I knew that I wanted to do my Exhibition on Noise Pollution.

Right now, Nic is pretty pissed he didn’t pass. He is typing his blog post while punching me. Nic didn’t pass because he had too many points he wanted to talk about and he had to “narrow it down.” I think that once Nic passes, he would have an advantage because he did a lot of research and knows a lot of facts and points.

I used my prior knowledge to put in some facts in like: Did you know that noise pollution can cause harmful effects like Sleep disturbances, Loss of hearing, High Stress Levels and hypertension?

I also had to finish the proposal sheet and check all the requirements before I signed up. By the time I was ready to do my proposal, The sign-ups for week 1 were full so I had to sign up for week 2. I decided to sign up for Wednesday because then I would have enough time to “touch up” my proposal and practice.

Overall, I think that my proposal was a success because I had enough time to prepare and I had a lot of practice.


if you want to see Nic’s blog post, Go to:

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