First Week of 6th Grade

Hello Everyone (That chooses to come see my blog.) My name is Matthew. This year I changed schools and went to CDNIS. I didn’t know anyone at CDNIS. What if i don’t make friends! Who will show me around! What will I do! It was really scary because I went to the same school (Island Christian Academy) for six years and When I first went, I wasn’t scared for two reasons. 1, I was in year one and 2, Everyone was new there because the school just opened! Back to CDNIS.


On the first day of school, I went to my classroom, I feel like I am doing well in all subjects except Chinese. I don’t think that I was ever good at Chinese but surprisingly at ICA Intermediate High class (AKA you are pretty good but you aren’t good enough to be in the advanced class.)

I love PA(Performing Arts) and Visual Arts because i am pretty good at music and drawing.


At ICA we were not allowed to decorate the classroom let alone go the toilet without permission.

Altogether I think that I now have more responsibilities but I can do a lot of things myself now.

(Like go the bathroom myself.) ICA didn’t have a pool, a gym, or MacBooks.

I don’t think that I can diss my old school because MY education THERE helped me get into CDNIS.


I am really missing my friends at ICA but I feel like CDNIS is a better chance for me and also ICA doesn’t have a high school.  I made friends with Nicolas Wong on the first day of school. Now you can call THAT progress.

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