Young Americans 2020

This years Young Americans (the YA’s) was especially fun and very enjoyable and I had a very good time. Since last year I wasn’t able to attend the YA’s because I became ill, this years experience was all new to me. At first I thought that the YA’s always put you under the spotlight and make you do a dance or sing, but actually they teach the dances to you, then they would find the people who have a talent for dancing and give them a solo. That’s also the same for singing. Learning how to sing all the songs and mostly learning the choreography was hard. For the dances, we we able to choose our favorite YA and they would teach us the whole dance in less than 10 minutes, and there was about more than 5 dances! That all ended up creating the whole show.

Before the actual performance, I was really scared about myself remembering all the moves and lyrics, but when I actually began to dance, all the moves appeared in my head and I just danced my best. Also for the high note in one of our songs, I could actually sing it and I was very proud of myself. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience with the Young Americans. I got the contacts of some of my favorite YA’s and we agreed to text each other anytime. It was devastating to see them leave and next year we won’t be able to have them ever again, but will still remember the great memories I had in just those two amazing days.

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