Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In preforming arts, we learned all about the blues and then got put to the test to make one ourselves. Our blues piece had to include the blues bass line, our own blues lyrics and improvisation.

Firstly, we had to write the lyrics for our blues piece, I thought it was really fun because we were able to choose to write it about any topic we wanted. Next we had to put the lyrics with the blues bass line. This was one of the most challenging  parts of the process because I had to make sure that we could sing the lyrics with the music while playing it. Then it was practice time. Me and my partner Anna had to memorize the lyrics and I had to make sure I played the bass line in time with the words. Lastly it was our final performance! During the performance, most of the things went well because of our cooperation. We managed to sing our lyrics while playing the blues bass line. But there is things that could be much more better. Our group could have added more improvisation and our pitch of our voice could be better.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this project because I had a fun time writing the lyrics and also working with Anna.


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