Progress Report Reflection

This time for some part of the progress report, I improved while others I got the same or worst. For the Inquiry based learning part, I was given a better score than what I thought I would get, just like asking questions. I usually don’t ask compelling questions but some how I got I higher score than I predicted it to be. For the other parts, I feel like I could improve on many topics such as having myself take risks in my learning because I never do that. Also improving on all the parts in math. I think the worst subject I got was Chinese. I knew I won’t get a really high mark but I never expected in some places I got scores that I wouldn’t think I would get. but I wasn’t that shocked.

A lot of things in the report card I can improved a lot but for some, I don’t think I will be able to actually do it, but I will try to do my best.

Young Americans 2020

This years Young Americans (the YA’s) was especially fun and very enjoyable and I had a very good time. Since last year I wasn’t able to attend the YA’s because I became ill, this years experience was all new to me. At first I thought that the YA’s always put you under the spotlight and make you do a dance or sing, but actually they teach the dances to you, then they would find the people who have a talent for dancing and give them a solo. That’s also the same for singing. Learning how to sing all the songs and mostly learning the choreography was hard. For the dances, we we able to choose our favorite YA and they would teach us the whole dance in less than 10 minutes, and there was about more than 5 dances! That all ended up creating the whole show.

Before the actual performance, I was really scared about myself remembering all the moves and lyrics, but when I actually began to dance, all the moves appeared in my head and I just danced my best. Also for the high note in one of our songs, I could actually sing it and I was very proud of myself. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience with the Young Americans. I got the contacts of some of my favorite YA’s and we agreed to text each other anytime. It was devastating to see them leave and next year we won’t be able to have them ever again, but will still remember the great memories I had in just those two amazing days.

Beginning of 2020! Reflection on 2019

Last year 2019 passed away too fast and a new year has come. Last year I thought my life in Grade 6 was great and I hope it will get much more interesting when the exhibition comes soon. In 2019, since the start of school in August, I made lots of new friend with the people in my class and I got to know them even better and better over the months. I think I had improved a lot if you compared me to myself in grade 5 and I learned way more information about the units of inquiry, math and also language.

Now it’s 2020 and I have some things I need to work on before I move on to another grade. The things I want to work towards for this year is improving on participating in class such as asking question or answering them when I know the answers. Normally I will participate in the class my listening to the teacher or my classmates but not actually talking unless I get called for it. Now I need to try to improving on my confidence in class and actually participating in a class conversation. Also for writing, I need to improving my writing skills by checking or scanning my paper for mistakes like grammer or spelling mistakes. When writing, I can also add the words I learned from reading books so I can my writing more interesting so the reader would enjoy it more.

I really hope that this year can be as wonderful as last year and I can achieve all the things I want to work towards this year.

Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In preforming arts, we learned all about the blues and then got put to the test to make one ourselves. Our blues piece had to include the blues bass line, our own blues lyrics and improvisation.

Firstly, we had to write the lyrics for our blues piece, I thought it was really fun because we were able to choose to write it about any topic we wanted. Next we had to put the lyrics with the blues bass line. This was one of the most challenging  parts of the process because I had to make sure that we could sing the lyrics with the music while playing it. Then it was practice time. Me and my partner Anna had to memorize the lyrics and I had to make sure I played the bass line in time with the words. Lastly it was our final performance! During the performance, most of the things went well because of our cooperation. We managed to sing our lyrics while playing the blues bass line. But there is things that could be much more better. Our group could have added more improvisation and our pitch of our voice could be better.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this project because I had a fun time writing the lyrics and also working with Anna.



在一個暖烘烘的早上,鴨媽媽臥在稻草推理,等著他的孩子出世。一隻隻小鴨從蛋裏鑽出來,只有剩下一個又大又重的灰色的蛋。後來,那個蛋終於裂開了,裡面鑽出了一個有大又醜的鴨子,所以大家都叫他醜小鴨。醜小鴨真的很醜,他的毛灰灰的, 嘴巴大大的, 身子瘦瘦的,動物們就嘲笑他,欺負他和嚇唬他。醜小鴨覺得很孤單和很煩惱,想到世界上只有鴨媽媽愛他,所以她悲伤地離開了家。

醜小鴨來到樹林裡,那裡的動物們譏笑他,追趕他,但他繼續走著。但有一天,醜小鴨看見了一個大湖, 他跑過去,自由自在地游起來覺得十分高興。忽然,他就看到幾個群雪白的天鵝,飛過去。他們的樣子那麼高貴,姿態那麼優雅,醜小鴨很羨慕他們。冬天來了,醜小鴨不能游泳了,他又餓又冷,他就被一個農民救了。




  • 他的面容清秀
  • 心裡對別人很好,她也對動物很好,很愛護他們
  • 他的身體瘦消也有柔滑的頭髮
  • 他是一個害羞,有想像力和甜美的人


  • 他的臉上有很多皺紋,面容也不清秀
  • 在電影裡或者在故事裡都是壞人
  • 他是一個不值得信任和表示不友善的人
  • 在這個故事裏他是一個很不友善的巫婆
  • 他有幫漢塞爾和格萊特爾應為他們沒有家但是最後就被她隱藏和隱藏了



今年比上一年,我有覺得我有些地方是好過其他地方。在閱讀,寫作,聽和讀這幾個方面中,我覺得我中文的閱讀方面是最好的。這是因為小時候到現在, 我的父母都要我知道更多的中文字,也要我有個通順的中文語言。所以他們必定我要我看中文書,我也發現在學校裡讀也有幫我有個更好的中文成績。但是我覺得做的不好的方面就是寫作,這是因為在寫作,我想寫的字都不知道怎麼寫或者不好好明白作文的主題,所以才沒有太好的分數。我也現在在家裡寫了自己的做文用來給練習學校的作文。

MY GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year, I have two goals I have to accomplish before the year is over.

One of my goal is to be more organized for my things in class. That means that I should keep all my work that is related to math, language or Chinese in the right book so there won’t be any extra papers just lying there in my tray. Being organized doesn’t only mean that, it also means that my writing should be neat and making sure all papers are glued in nicely and nothing is sticking out. In order to achieve this goal, I will have to keep on doing the process of cleaning my tray and trowing the things I no longer need in the trash. Also I need to keep things all stacked up or kept in the folder where I put my books so when I need the math book or the PYPX book, I would see that it is right there for me to take.

How is this goal relevant to my learning in grade 6? Usually, I would take along time to find the Transdisciplinary Theme even though I know it is in my PYPX book, if I am more organized I would immediately be able to find it.