Crit B My Chinese Test Reflection

In the Chinese test, even though I got 6/8, I feel like there are a lot of things I could still improve on. Especially because I only got 6 questions correct. The reason why I still got a high score was that coincidently, all the questions I got correct were worth a lot of points.


One of the things I could improve on is that for part 2 (Analyse basic conventions including aspects of format and style, and author’s purpose for writing), I got all the questions wrong. I feel like this is because I am not very good at identifying format and style, which made me answer the questions wrong.


Another thing that I found was that even though this did not take away any points away from me, I found out because I answered digitally with pin yin, I sometimes chose the wrong word because they had the similar pin yin. I think that to fix this, I should double check more often.

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