Project Genesis – Criteria Aii


What information are you using from this link? 
There are two different loops, which are looping loops and non-looping loops. A looping loop is represented in a circle. Looping loops is when it once get back around to the end it will continue playing again and again continually. The non-looping loops are represented by a straight line going across. Non-looping loops will only play once, it will stop at the end. You can also change the beats and volume to make it your own music.



What information are you using from this link? 
In this video, I learned how to do a mashup to keep the beats on time. For the first sound, he cut out the first part of the music. He changed the tempo many times to find with tempo fits the music well. When he finished editing his first sound, he clicks the track and turned on enable fixed. Then he goes to the region and turned on the follow tempo and pitch. Which can help him to make the tempo stay the same when he edits his other sounds. For the second sound, he cut out the intro part of the song made the music start with the lyrics. For this one, he also tried many tempo and found out that 130 tempo can fit the music best, so he decides to use 130 tempo for the second sound. After he edited the second sound, he did the same thing as the first one. He clicks the track and turned on enable fixed and goes to the region and turned on the follow tempo and pitch. This taught me how to mashup and keep the beats the same.



What information are you using from this link? 
This video helped me use GarageBand more effectively and gave more information about GarageBand that I didn’t know before. I didn’t know how to use GarageBand effectively a long time ago, even if I watched a lot of videos, but this was one of the videos that actually helped me get to know more about GarageBand. I will use the information on using GarageBand more effectively, and it will help me save a lot of time when I use GarageBand. The video showed an example of an already made mash-up which was pretty nice to listen to and gave me a lot of information and idea on what to do with my GarageBand.



What information are you using from this link? 
This video talked about how to add the arrangement track, and how to mix up all of them. So for example, the man in the video showed us an already made mash-up with instruments. He had Intro, Verse, Chorus, and Bridge. The man gave us a tip, so we can easily and quickly finish our mash-up. We can move around the Intro, verse, chorus, and bridge which is really convenient because we can always change it to our liking any time we want it to change. The information I’m going to be using is the arrangement track because using the arrangement track will help me quickly finish my mash-up because I can keep changing it to my liking.

Project Genesis – Proposal Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment? 
My goal for this assignment is to make a mashup song with 5 different songs. I am going mashup the top 5 songs that I like to listen to and make the best songs. I want to do well on this project because this is my first time doing the mashup. Also, I am gonna try to make the mashup sounds good by editing it and doing it on the right beat.


Why this project? 
 I choose this project because I always wanted to do a mashup because I love listening to songs like popular and I always wonder what the songs would be like when I mix all the songs. Also, this project sounded the most fun to me because no matter the final product is good or not, I feel like the process is going to be very fun and interesting.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. 
 The first step to achieve my goal is to understand the task and decide my goal for this assignment. The next step after deciding my goal for this assignment is I have to finish the form. Then I can start my project. I will choose 5 songs that I like and download the songs. Then I have to decide which parts of the song I want to use to mashup and cut it out. Next step, watch the video to learn how to mashup the songs on beat and start to edit the songs. After all the editing, I will go ask Mr. OToole to check my mashup and I will try to improve my song better. Then ask my friends to listen to my song and give me some feedback and try to fixe it. And lastly, turn it in my work and post it on to my blog.


What do you hope to learn?  
During this assignment, I hope to learn more about how to combine music and how to make sure that they are on beats. I am going to do some research on how to combine music, I will go watch some videos and read some website to learn how to combine music and make sure that they are on beats.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 
 I mixed up more than 4 songs and I used videos online to look up mashups and stuff. I will also ask some of my classmates and friends to help who knows more about mashup and GarageBand and ask them to try listening to songs I am planning on using for this project.

Culminating Assignment

Describe the process of this assignment. 
 For the last few weeks, I was working on my culminating assignment (sounds of CDNIS). For this assignment, I used 4 sounds from CDNIS, 4 loops, 1 drummer, and 2 instruments to make the song. The four different audio was a teachers’ voice, a locker, basketball, and a pencil. Firstly I used my phone to record some sounds in CDNIS including one sound of teacher’s talking. Then I put the recordings into GarageBand to edit, for example for my first sound which is a pencil, I used one plug-in to edit was Fuzz-Wah. Using those plugins can make the original recordings sound better or make them have a different style. After editing all my original recordings, I did a screen recording to talk about what changes I made. Then I started to make my song. Secondly, I chose some loops they are three piano and one beat track. The beat track can be the background music and it can be the main beat for the song. Then I started to make the music. The music was hard because it took a long time to finish. Also, it took me a long time to choose my loops because some of them didn’t really match my audios. Choosing the drummer was the easiest one to do because I didn’t have to edit it too much compared to my audios and my loops. The two instruments I added were the piano and guitar. I made my own melody for both and it fits really well with my other loops and recordings. I got to finish all my editing at school which meant I didn’t have to edit more at home. The teacher helped me with my first sound which was a pencil, he cut some unuseful parts and made a rhythm.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
 I had recorded a total of 4 different sounds in CDNIS, which are a pencil, a teacher talking, a locker and dribbling sounds of basketball. I used one plug-in to edit the first recording was Fuzz-Wah. To edit my second recording I used two plug-ins were Bitcrusher and Pitch Shifter. To edit my third recording I used two plug-ins were Filterbank and lip distortion. To edit my last recording I used two plug-ins also they were Pitch Shifter and Phaser. By using those plug-ins can help us to get more different types of sounds. The pencil sounds match with my music because the pencil scratching had a good beat to it and it matched with my loops. The locker sound didn’t really match with my music, because the volume was too loud and my music has a slow tempo.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
 Even though I learned how to use GarageBand last year, but I still have a lot of things that I don’t know or don’t understand, so I have to learn to think for myself and understand. During this assignment, I learned many things by using GarageBand. In this assignment, I learned how to edit the recording sounds by using different plug-ins. I found difficult to use plug-ins because I don’t understand some of the words and I don’t know what different by using the plug-ins. Later on, I found out how to use the plug-ins and knew what differences between edited and unedited. I did some research about plug-ins and tried listening to all of the plug-ins and I figured what plug-ins were and how to use them.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
 I faced many problems and I almost handle all the problems I had, but for some parts that I don’t know how to fix, I went to ask the teacher or classmate. The biggest problem that I had faced was cutting the sounds that I had been recorded. After I edited I had to find some loops to find for the background music. When I started to record my loops, it was hard for me to record all the sounds, because I didn’t have enough time and it was too loud at school to record all the sounds. Also, making music was kind of hard because I didn’t have enough time to finish my music. However, I still got to finish my music because I was the focus for the whole time when I was in music and tried to finish more at home.

Ukulele Song-Love story By: Coco

Ukulele Song – Love story

How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?The difference between my recording with the original song is because my recording was a little slower when I sung it, and it was a little faster when I played the ukulele as background music. Because I didn’t listen to the original song when I was recording. The parts that stayed the same is lyrics and the style of the song. I didn’t change the words from the original song because it is very hard for me to make the lyrics rhyme and also if I change the words from original song I need to make the song and the lyrics connect together.  The reason of me make the decision of changing some parts spaces because I want to make it have my own style.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? In the music classes prepare lots of things for my assignment. For example learning to strum, Garageband editing, drum track, time management and independent learning.  How do I learn to study independently? Because I still have a lot of things that I don’t know or don’t understand, so I have to learn to think for myself and understand.  There are also strum, Garageband editing, drum tracks, time management. This knowledge has helped me a lot in my exams. For example, teach us how to use Garageband to put the accompaniment and singing together and match them on time also add drum track .






Ukuelele Submission- Amazing Grace

My Audio:

Discuss your Ukulele recording. Items to discuss include: timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy.

I am good at timing, and I can follow the timing when I am recording. I am not really good at note accuracy, I sometimes play the wrong notes because I accidentally touch the other chord or forgot to press the top of the chord that i am playing. My rhythm accuracy is not too bad, I can follow that most of the time when I was playing. The key of the tune is C and the time signature of this piece is 3/4. The piece comprise or quarter notes and half notes with few 8th notes which made the timing challenging.

Discuss your overall understanding of Garageband and its processes. Items to discuss include: editing, timing, arranging, timing, etc. How has your skill at Garageband impacted your song?

I am not good at the Garageband for the recording. Sometimes I forget how to edit the recording for one part with another part. I can arranging my recording on Garageband and follow what I arranged. Using the Garageband can be very useful as you can edit you recording, timing etc. I used the Garageband to edit my recording and it makes my recording accurate and on time. The Garageband can help my timing with metronome. When you using the Garageband to make a trim between two beat, you just press the command and T. When I was recording I recorded one note at a time so it was easier for me to edit. I used the metronome to listen if I have gotten everything on time.