Weekly Reflection Week 5

This week went by really quick, because I really had so much fun this week, and learnt lots of things this week (basically learnt everything in international library day). I learnt that there are 6000+ islands in japan. I also learnt that Mount fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan, and the second tallest mountain in Asia. Secondly, I learnt that Hong Kong is famous for their street food, lots of people eat the street foods. Thirdly, I got lots of the stamps by visiting the different stations, and completing some of the activities that the people made in their stations to make their stations more entertaining and fun. I also got 2 different pencils by just playing those games, and quite a lot of stamps. This week, I also swam in the school, and played a bit of rugby and basketball. Overall, I think this week is one of the best weeks I had in grade 6, it is very entertaining, and I also learnt quite a lot of different cultures, and knowledge this week. Now I know way more information about different places in the world. I also had lots of fun not only swimming, rugby and basketball, but also international librarys day.

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