March 25, 2019 - Jake

Award Medallion – Yin and Yang

My medal was inspired by the yin and yang. In my opinion, I think that Yin and Yang is a very simple design to make. The first thing you want to do is to make your outline circle, then you want to turn it into 0.1 pt and make sure the color is R 255. the second thing you need to do is make the two small holes 5mm by 5mm, again make sure that they are also 0.1 pt. Thirdly, in order to make the┬ácurved line in the middle, I used the line tool and made half of a “U” 4 times then changed their direction a little bit and then you will have that line in either B 255 or black. Finally, I just simply used the text tool and wrote my peace and destruction words.


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