January 30, 2019 - Jake

Ukulele Song – Lava

My recording is different from the original recording in many ways. The first change is the strumming pattern, I changed the original strum pattern which was down, down, up, down, up, down, up, I changed it to down, down, up, down, down, down, up because I feel that it was easier to strum. I still kept the ukulele chords the same which were C chord, F chord, and the G7 chord, I kept these chords because I felt like they really show a Hawaiian kind of tune and they do match with the singing very well. The final change was that in the original song there were no piano nor drums, so in my song, I have added those two.

In this class I have revised on my strumming abilities so that it could help me in future situations, I said revised because I have already learned how to play the guitar for 3 years now. In this class I have learned how to use Garageband to edit my music recordings such as cutting or copy and pasting, in this assessment I used this to copy and paste individual recordings of each chord, I did this because the song Lava is a very long song that is why I thought it would be more efficient  to copy and paste each chord. This class increased my ability to sing as in the assessments I have been practicing my singing more, but for this assessment, I think that the singing is a little hard but not too hard. I think that my time management could have been better since at the start of the lessons to work on this assessment because since I have been working in a group so I think we spent a bit too much time deciding what to do. In the process of me recording my song I first started by recording the individual chords and editing them, after that I recorded the singing, while I was recording the singing I listened to the chords to make sure I was on time, third I recorded my piano using Garageband and finally I recorded my drums and I am listening to the chords again to make sure I get the correct beat. I personally think that without the chords done properly then my entire song is messed up.


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