November 22, 2018 - Jake

Service Day

The activities I did at the e-farm were to study and learn about the how they use a system to be able to help plants that grow on water grow, plant down corn and water them and also make a fire on grass so that is would make the soil more rich and fertilized. Something new I learned was that they have a cycle to save water, they use water with fish in it and fish droppings. That water is transported to plants that grow on water, the fish droppings will help the plants grow. Then the water would be used to help clean the pipes that it is traveling through. After that, the water goes through a lot of special rocks, the rocks have lots of holes in them so that they actually clean the water. Finally, the newly cleaned water goes back to the fish tanks that it first came out of. By learning this helps us understand a way to have a farm and save water at the same time. I think that it would be challenging to first set-up the whole farm since the system they are basically running through just a few pipes. I would be kind of interested in doing this trip again and being able to help improve the farm to make it more convenient for the farmers.


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