an EDM – Music Final Product & Reflection

Yes, it’s 4 minutes long.




Explain the step by step process of this assignment… 

Initially, I chose EDM as the topic of this assessment in four choices. I am most interested in and familiar because in the previous assignments such as apple loops provided me with experiences and skills. I expected I will improve my skills in composing electronic instrument and plug-in editing skills.

After deciding, I started my research. I learnt what I need to be careful of, some essential features and practical techniques from 4 websites with tutorials.

After finishing the two steps, I started making the EDM. I decided the style and the tone of it to be kind of…powerful. Choosing an attractive prelude is important (this is what I learn from one of the websites), so I used “fired up” series to set up a (kind of) powerful rhythm and “long road synth” to bring a sense of suspense and something is coming. After that, I applied more than ten loops that sound good with each other. I had an apposite number of climax and transition. Unconsciously, I finished the song.
Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… 

According to the self-access criteria I mentioned in the project proposal, I valued the structure of a song. I think I did quite a good job on it because I balanced the amount of the loud part and the quiet part with similar melodies to create echoes. Add on to it, every quiet part will foreshadow the start of a loud part, therefore, the smoothness of transitions and connections were also well-controlled. The structure of my song is ABACA (rondo?).
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

I didn’t learn a lot from this project. It’s more like I am utilizing the skills I learnt in the whole music session to this song. However, I learnt that the structure of a song is sometimes more important than its melody. I compared this to a song I make in the summer holiday, I was confused by that song because of its “ABCADE” structure. I unexpectedly didn’t learn what I expect to learn in the proposal because I thought I am going to create a song without loops, so now I learn clearly decide your choice is important.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 

I didn’t face big challenges in the project because I am confident in my apple loop song composing skills. The only challenge I faced is that once I accidentally added an extra repeated part and make the song be not in time. I checked the song over again and deleted that extra part. I made most of the repeat time of the loops be multiple of 2 or 4.

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