G8 Science – Credible Scientist Reflection

Statement of Inquiry – It is the responsibility of the scientific community to use credible methods and evidence to explore relationships in our environment.

How do you learn to be a better credible scientist?

Key Concept – Relationships IV & DV
Related Concept – Evidence (DATA COLLECTION) CV
Factual — What are the steps/processes involved in the scientific method?
Conceptual — In what ways does evidence from the scientific method help people make informed decisions?
Debatable — To what extent does the scientific method facilitate new scientific and technological advances?



In my paper flyers experiment, I measure how much the radii of the centre hole of a cone flyer (IV) affected the drop duration (DV) of it. At first, my hypothesis was “The longer the radii is, the flyer will drop faster because of the air resistance decreases when the contact surface decreases.” But after the experiment, I found that I ignored the weight also affects the flyers’ drop duration. Therefore, the first half of my IV shows a rising trendline and a dropping trendline in the second half, making the total trendline almost flat, which means there isn’t a relationship between my IV and DV. (However, I think if I do 10 IV, I may get a dropping trendline.)

And in the bungee Barbie experiment and pendulum experiment, the IVs and DVs are all provided by teachers, they are stable so both experiments have collected correct and credible data, the experiments succeeded. It teaches me that don’t try to make weird things compare to others because stability is lower since no one had tried. But, what is the purpose of doing experiments everyone knew the answer? Or maybe next time if I want to do something different from others, I do research before starting the experiment.

Due to the amount of time I have to finish my experiment and lost of data, I only collected one complete trial of real data. Since my IV is very different from the template given by the teacher, I could only measure my own data. Having more than two trials helps people to understand each data of one IV is similar and makes it reliable. Therefore, my data isn’t reliable. To improve the feasibility, I may ask the teacher for extra time, do the experiment more quickly or choose a common topic. However, I controlled all my controlled variables very well everytime.




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