???? – Crit B Culminating Assignment Product


Describe the process of this assignment.
The assignment is about making music in GarageBand with at least 4 sounds recorded in CDNIS which must include 1 teacher’s voice in it and some original software instruments, loops and so on with plug-ins by at least 2 minutes. I used my previous classmate’s scream, my previous Chinese teacher’s “敲 (Qiao)”, sounds of stumping the floor, sounds of water flowing and my friend’s “WHA” with permission from sound providers to do a remix of KoboreZakura from “Touhou Project”. I spent days to finish composing the 2 minutes long song (with bass and accompaniment too) and spent another few hours to complete the whole project by adding sound beats and loops, I used about 4 days in total. Phaser, overdrive, pitch shifter and AU sampler are the plug-ins I applied to the sounds that I have recorded which makes them do not sound like the original audio in my music. However, to make it hilarious, I still keep some of the original in the audio.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.
I applied 4 different plug-ins to 5 audios I had recorded. Phaser is the most often used plug-in in my music, it’s used in water flow and “敲” to produce strong distortion, whose two appears as bass and beat with melody. Speeding up and adding overdrive for floor stumping is the strong beat in the music which I seldom use. The most important and special part of my music is that I used AU sampler to play classmate’s scream, “WHA” and “敲” using the keyboard, changing pitch and combine them to a melody. At first, I decided to do the melody with a bunch of soundtrack with the same audio but with different level of pitch shifting each track. Still, it is too time-consuming. AU sampler is kind of similar to pitch shifter, but it’s much convenient and higher quality. We, students, are not been taught to use AU sampler (because it’s way too hard to find it”).


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
Most of the skills and knowledge I had applied on this Sound of CDNIS project are learnt from the previous Sound of CDNIS assessment especially the terminology (although it is boring) and apple loop assessment. What’s new is still the artifact of pitch shifting, AU sampler. It is a plug-in may let people record (or sample) a sound using a microphone, or add an audio file, and then play it back like a melody on the Sampler keyboard. After discovering this, I found out the way people compose hilarious music on the internet. I consider myself have learnt a lot in this project since I thought we will only USE what we HAVE LEARNT but no LEARNT how to USE this time. My teacher said that I am ahead of other students. I am confident in my answer.


What challenges did you face and overcome?
As I mentioned in the other paragraphs, AU sampler is really an indispensable part of my project. I decided to do the melody with a bunch of soundtrack with the same audio but with different level of pitch shifting each track but it consumes a lot of time and I still have a bunch of work to do at this month. I asked the teacher about is there any way to compose the CDNIS sounds directly with pitches. At first, the teacher thought my time-consuming way is the only way. I showed him a video I found on YouTube about a person dragged his own audio file to the KEYBOARD and played it, unluckily, it only applied to the old version. The teacher decided to do research for it. Then, he found the way, AU sampler. Finally, we both learnt new skills. At here, I really the teacher’s help~
Wow, how you finish it?????

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