Random Mixed Clock

Here is a stra(sh)nge clock that mixes two things that don’t relate. (Bad throat)



This is my weird clock. I made it by wood and acrylic. The style of the wood part is a bit like the ancient Mexican, Mayan style but the acrylic part is some Japanese manga. This weird random mix is probably because I changed my mind when designing it but don’t want to change the whole thing. But however, I think I should really improve on the wooden part, the outer part looks so bad.

In my classmates’ opinion, they thought it is complex and of course it is, and most of the comment is base on “people might get the time wrong a bit because there are no numbers.” I can explain — it is because the number one is missing when I got my printed clock so I didn’t put the numbers. They said I put a lot of effort into it and it looks nice. One of them said if I spent more time, it will be much nicer. I kind of feel bad of it because I didn’t do it a line by a line but use image tracing, that’s the reason it didn’t look as well as my draft. I should probably improve my time management. However, I still kind of reach my goal… to make a good looking clock. Thank you for watching this video!

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