Unit 1 Parlez-vous français? – Inquiry questions

Unit 1 Parlez-vous francais?

Inquiry questions


  1. How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

The alphabet of English and French are the same, so I can guess the meaning of a French word from its literal and pronunciation. And some of the sentence patterns and grammar of them are similar or the same.


  1. How can I introduce myself in French?

I can introduce myself by saying my name, my birthday, my age, my hobbies, my nationality and more in French.


  1. How are languages linked to one another?

The languages link to one another by their sentence patterns and grammar. The cradles of languages which are linked are usually near to each other.

  1. Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

No, the language systems of my mother tongue (Chinese) and the languages I am learning now (English and French) are not the same. If I learn the language which has the same language system, I might confuse Chinese and the other language. 

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