Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final product


Explain the step by step process of this assignment

The product of this assignment is a mashup of 14 songs created with GarageBand. After understanding the requirements and expectations of the assignment, I created a proposal (Crit C) to have a brief outline and process to achieve my goals. Next, I did some research on how to make smooth transitions between songs, important features of a good mashup. I also learned how to use flex time and arrangement tracks in GarageBand. Then, I created a GarageBand project and put all the song files I want to use in it. Later, I used flex time, follow tempo and pitch to secure the BPM of each song. I decided to make the tempo of my song 125 BPM, but some of the songs I have chosen did not sound well with the tempo so I eliminated them. I still had 14 songs left so I cut distinguishable parts of each song. Afterward, I figured out how I should arrange the songs, created transitions between different songs and made sure they sound natural and smooth. Finally, I added different layers of background music to make my song sound better and more natural. I then exported my song to an mp3 file to added it to my blog post.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal

My first criteria was that my mashup had to include 12 songs minimum. I successfully met the criteria by having snippets from 14 songs in my mashup. My second criteria was that my mashup had to be pleasant-sounding and have smooth transitions. My mashup flows pretty smoothly but could have been better. I have used the same few ways of transitioning throughout the song, which is rather boring and some transitions sounded weird. For example, the transition from Billie Eilish “8” to “ocean eyes” (2:18) sounds somewhat hasty. The timing of my song was accurate, therefore it sounded decent. My third criteria was to develop more skills and improve on skills I have learned through past assignments like using plugins and loops. Although I did not apply my techniques of using plugins or loops in this assignment, I did learn a lot, mainly about mashup making and even more GarageBand functions. 


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

Throughout this assignment, I learned some new skills such as making smooth transitions between tracks and what makes a good song or mashup. As for GarageBand functions, I learned how and the use of flex time, follow tempo and pitch, and arrangement tracks. Mr. O’Toole’s mashup timing tutorial was really helpful because the steps were explained very clearly and it was easy to follow along. I was able to match the GarageBand project tempo with each song’s BPM and use flex time and follow tempo & pitch to have good timing for all the songs. As for making smooth transitions, I used the technique that was taught in the video I watched for the transitions between songs such as the transition from Billie Eilish “listen befoe i go” to “bury a friend”. However, arrangement tracks were not particularly convenient for me during this assignment because my song does not have particular verses or choruses.


What challenges did you face and overcome?

Before I started the project on GarageBand, I already had a concept of which songs I would be using and how my song would sound like, but it was not as easy as I have imagined producing it. The biggest challenge I faced in this assignment was that the songs I have chosen were all in different keys. There were no more than 3 songs that are in the same key, ranging from 4B to 12B in the Camelot Wheel. This was a difficulty for me and I have spent quite some time figuring out how I should arrange the tracks besides keeping pace with making smooth transitions, which is a highly significant feature of good mashups. To solve the problem, I made a list and put the keys of the songs and the BPM then sorting it in the order of the pacing and the quietness of each song. I then had a very distinct idea of how I should arrange the tracks.

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  • Naomi

    HI JEssie,
    That was really good! I liked how you incorporated so many of Billie’s songs into one. They had smooth transitions and flowed really well.

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