Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final product

For this last assignment in music we had the choice to create whatever we felt like doing and submit it by the 3rd of June. At first I was planning on doing a short remix of all the assignments we had done this year and I had started choosing the exact segments I would be using and mixing together. But then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to do a mashup of a few of my favorite songs combined. So that is what I did. I spent a lot of time choosing the exact songs I wanted (few lessons), then it also took me a while to record everything (audio record the songs). And when all the songs were selected and recorded it took me also quite a while to make everything fit and sound nice together but I eventually finished the task.

I think I did pretty good and I like my mashup track. The songs I think fit in with each other nicely. My goal was to fit in 4 songs into my mashup and I successfully did so. They are all pretty different but they blend into one another smoothly. And my success against my assessable criteria from my proposal is I think pretty good and I am happy about it.

I acquired a few skills in the process of this assignment. For example I now know how to change a song’s timing to make it fit with other songs. But I had to ask for some explanation from my teacher because I was really lost at first. I think I could have done a bit better but at least I still tried my best. I also now know how to select songs with a similar rhythm and beat which will be useful in the future if any similar assignments come up. I didn’t ask for help on this specific example. I just tried to figure it out myself which was really hard at first and it took me quite a while.

I faced a few challenges during this assignment but I would say the main one was to find the right songs. I listen to a lot of different styles of music on the daily so it was hard to find one specific one and find exact songs that would fit in with each other nicely. I simply ended up choosing songs that were not even the same style of music as each other but I thought they still blended nicely together. This step took me quite a while to complete (2-3 full classes in total).

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