Sounds of CDNIS

  • Describe the process of this assignment.
In this assignment, I recorded the sounds first, there are 4 different sounds. Water tap running sound, computer typing sound and etc. I also recorded a teacher’s voice, the voice is Mr.E saying, ” Hello students, welcome to science.” Once I finished collecting the sounds I dropped them into GarageBand. In GarageBand, you can edit it any way you want and you could also add things to it. I used the plug-ins and that changed the sound a lot. Some I distorted them and some I added effects on them, for example, the delay effect. Once I added the plug-in s, I choose 2 instruments and 1 drum track. The instruments are Piano and Harp. They kind of sound similar but harp is more like mysterious, old and the sound isn’t the bright but piano’s sound is bright and that makes a contrast. When I finished adding the instruments I added some loops and made it more interesting and not boring. Once I’m done with the loops I listened to it a few times to see if I need to change anything and if I do I changed some places and then I’m finished.


  • Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.
My CDNIS sounds are useful because, in the end product, there are many sounds such as instruments, loops, CDNIS sounds, etc. The instrument is like the accompaniment, the loops are the melody and it always changes, and the instrument has beats. But the CDNIS sound has many different effects. Two of my CDNIS sounds is the computer typing sound and the other one is throwing away the trash on the computer and these two are like the accompaniment. I distorted the trash throwing sound so it sounds more like a beat-ish sound, but for the typing sound, I didn’t really distort it, so it’s like it’s original sound. Also, the Teacher’s voice in the CDNIS sound is a big part of my end product so it means that it is very useful. I used to delay and echo to make the voice sound kind of like an alien and made it into a more electronic sound so that it doesn’t sound boring. Lastly, there’s a water tap running sound and I kind of edited a bit and it sounds like the beat. So overall the CDNIS sounds are pretty useful for my end product.


  • Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
This is new to me because this is the first time I used GarageBand to create something like this with different plug-ins and different instruments. I learned how to distort sounds properly, how to overlap sounds so it makes it more interesting, how to add instruments other than the piano, and many other things. I think this project is very nice because it taught me a lot of things about GarageBand. If I had to teach the class how to do this assignment, I would teach them the way I learned it. For example, I will teach them how to use the plug-ins, how to add instruments, how to add a drum track, how to add loops and many others. I will also teach them how to add keys to the instrument sound. So I press command K to let the keyboard come out and you can add different sounds to the soundtrack. GarageBand is important because you can edit the sounds to make it sound fancier and more interesting. So, in conclusion, I learned many new skills in this project and this project really helped me understand GarageBand more.


  • What challenges did you face and overcome?
I faced several challenges in this assignment, for example, the voice of the teacher is too plain. The music doesn’t really have a beat or a flow. The harp kind of sound weird. But the most challenging challenge is how to end this sound interestingly because my audio has a very strong beat at the finishing part and when I tried to end it I just don’t know how to end it, because it won’t sound like an ending. But at last, I overcome these challenges. I overcome the challenge of not really having a beat or a flow by changing the drum tracks to see which one fits in with the sound the best. I also overcome the challenge of having extremely plane speaking audio by using effects on it such as delay and echo so it gives the audio a texture. Lastly, I overcome not having a good ending, because I decided that I’ll end my ending with loops cause in loops there are different sounds and there are varieties of choices. The loops I added it has a really strong beat and it makes the ending lively, exciting but at the same time, the audience will be able to tell that it’s ending. So that’s how I overcome the challenges.

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