Unité 1-Parlez-vous français? reflection



  1. I can use my knowledge of English to learn French because I can use the words that I am familiar with to kind of compare with the ones that appear in French. I can also use my knowledge in English to guess some of the words and phrases in French. For example, by looking at the phrase dans un apartement I can infer that this has something to do with an apartment.
  2. How can I Introduce myself in French?

I introduce myself in French by talking about the following:

1.My name

2.My nationality

3.My age

4.What languages I speak

5.What my favourite colour is



How are languages linked to one another?

Languages are linked to one another. Many European languages come from the same root. Countries that colonized other countries may change their language, add new words, or even change the writing. For example, a lot of countries in Latin America doesn’t have their own language; the language that they mainly speak is Spanish and Portuguese. Also, because the British had colonized many countries, so many places now in this world speak English that English is a international language.


Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

I think it depends on the time you spend on learning another language and what language it is. For example, if your first language is English and you stay in France and spoke French for a long time, you would have an accent when you suddenly started speaking English again. On the other hand, your first language might also affect the new languages that you learn. For example, if you are a native Cantonese speaker and Chinese is your second language, then there will also be an accent when you speak Chinese.

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