Project Genesis – Crit B/D

Explain the step by step process of this assignment:
Firstly, I have to decide what genre I wanted my music to be. After some careful consideration, I decided to take a bold move and decided to try to create classical music, something I am not familiar with. Afterwards, I did some research on what makes music classical. then I started working on the music. After conquering my composer’s bloc by drawing inspiration, I started to play the midi instruments. I tried out different instruments and different styles until I am satisfied with it. I then added plug-ins such as the reverb to enhance the flavour and smoothness of the midi instruments. I then added some loops to make the track sound complete.
Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal:
I believe My song is quite successful due to the following reasons:
-The song must be at least 2 minutes long. I am absolutely sure I meet this criterion as my song is over 3 minutes long.
-The song must contain at least 2 midi instruments. I am also absolutely sure that I meet this criterion as my track has 11 midi instrument tracks.
– This song must contain at least 1 drummer track. I did not meet this criterion, however, I have overwhelming justification for not doing so. firstly, The classical pieces I listened to did not have a drummer. Secondly, My piece simply doesn’t fit with a drummer track, it completely ruins the atmosphere I am trying to create. Thirdly, I tried many different tracks and created a mental catalogue of which tracks will be good for which, therefore achieving the reason why I even set this criterion in the first place: to learn to use different tracks in appropriate situations. All in all, I believe my piece was a complete success.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired:
doing project genesis has taught me many things. Firstly, I learned to use midi instruments in an effective and significant matter. This is an extremely important milestone for me as this is the first-ever creation I used midi instruments as the main body of my piece. Secondly, I learned to use loops as support for other tracks, rather than as the main part. In the past, I always feel that all the other tracks have been overshadowed by my excessive use of loops. I have finally managed a balance between midi instruments and loops in project genesis.
What challenges did you face and overcome:
The first challenge I had was the composer’s block. I was completely frozen with indecisiveness at first and wasted a full lesson or two until I finally got over it by listening to classical music. The next challenge was to combine the loops and the midi instrument tracks. I decided on using loops in the more intense part of the music and playing the midi instrument in the calmer parts of the piece. This turned out to work quite well. Lastly, I was having difficulty transitioning from a slow pace to fast pace and vice versa. This problem was solved by fiddling with the tempo of the track.

Project Genesis – Criteria Aii


What information are you using from this link?
It teaches me what is classical music, how it evolved, how it was different from its predecessor, Baroque music. This is important as I want to make sure the music I make is as close to authentic classical music as I can make it, and not something that sounds like a bizarre mix.



What information are you using from this link? 
 To make my music sound authentic, I would need some inspiration and baselines. using this link, I can compare different pieces from different artists to see which aspects are relatively consistent throughout these pieces and which aspects are changed, allowing me to express my individuality while still have my music to be considered classical



What information are you using from this link? 
 This video helps beginners like me not only to utilise mid instruments but also how to make it sound good. I need this information as I am still not comfortable with using midi instruments as the backbone of my piece and so I want to learn how to do just that.



What information are you using from this link? 
 While I know how to use plugins and what each does, it is hard for me to use them to complement my music. This video explains several common plugins and in what situations use these. I hope that I would be able to meet my criteria for using plugins and I hope to use them in a way that is noticeable and makes the music sound better.

Project genesis proposal:

What is the goal for your assignment? 
My goal for this assessment is to learn how to use garage band effectively by using a wide range of functions such as plug-ins, loops, Midi instruments, and drummer tracks. I also want to learn about different genres of music and how each of them sound like and how they are different.
Why this project? 
I chose classical music because I think it allows me to achieve my goal as it allows me to use all the tools mentioned about. I also personally like this genre of music and I want to compare what I made to famous pieces of this genres. I also want to learn more about this genre because I still need to know more about it.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. 
In order to achieve this goal, I would have to learn more about the music. I would do this by looking up definitions and listening to tracks of this genre. This would increase my familiarity with this type of music and allow me to accurately create a track that is actually of the genre. I would also have to familiarise my self with apple loops in order to chose appropriate loops for my track.
What do you hope to learn? 
I hope to learn more about classical music and famous composers of such music. I also want to learn more about garage band. specifically when to fit in Midi instrument tracks because currently I cant seem to fit one in that blends in with the rest of the track.
What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 
I will count this attempt if the track is longer than 2 minutes as it would mean I would have to keep the listener entertained. The track will also have to include 2 melodic Midi tracks in order to train myself to use more of these. Another criteria will be to use a drummer track as normally I just choose the default drummer without changing the settings, so I want to explore the different drummer tracks.

Grade 8 Science – Credible Scientist

In my two projects in this unit, there are several things we did well, and some things that aren’t exactly the best.
In both my projects, I had controlled the control variables were controlled relatively well. In both projects, the height was kept relatively consistent throughout the project. However, we didn’t include the failed trials. For example. sometimes the barbie doll didn’t fall straight down and leaned over in one side too much, and the whirlybird sometimes fell on elevated objects and thus created inaccurate data. While we decided to redo the trials, the teacher said that it is best to leave those in and specify what went wrong with this trail.
Some things were simply not controlled well. the barbie doll fell in deferent positions, and that might have skewered the results, and sometime a door opening will send a gust of wind that rendered the trial inaccurate. I have learned that controlling the control variables is very important to being a credible scientist.
control variables aren’t the only thing a credible scientist has to worry about. the Independent variable and the dependent variable are also important too, for example, my whirlybird experiment’s DV is to measure the distance from the drop location. It soon became impractical as it was had to mark the drop location and even harder to measure it accurately under time pressure. Therefore, I only managed to record 3 trials of the same independent variable.
However, many things were controlled well. For example, even though I managed to do only 3 trials of the whirlybird experiment, the values were relatively consistent. (42, 39, 43 cm) therefore, my data can be considered reliable.
Another thing I did well is that my graph was also consistent. Not only were the trials within each independent variable reliable, but the values between each independent variable is also reliable. all my values were close to the trendline. in the bungee Barbee experiment. all values were within 3 cm to what the trendline shows. this further shows my data is reliable.

Culminating Assignment – Product/Crit B/D – Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. 
During the process of the assignment, I learned many things, such as how to use loops, how to use plugins, how to record sounds effectively, and how to edit things in a way that make them unrecognisable from the original piece. The design process of the piece started with the theme. I wanted this piece to be calm and thought-provoking. Next, I selected several pieces that match my theme. These are my backbone tracks and are present in every chorus. I then chose some tracks that sound good by itself and put them between choruses. Then I added my recorded sounds and used them to complement the main piece, finally, I added software instruments and plugins to polish the music.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.
My CDNIS sounds ended up quite useful. for example, my recording of the buttons allows me to use it as a beat. After adding reverb and matching the clicking to the beat, the result was a simple, elegant and useful beat, perfectly complementing my music. also, the sound of the door closing was the perfect finish for my music. the added reverb made it sound far richer and louder. Putting it at the end allows the ending to sound definitive and also thought-provoking, reminding people that everything has an ending. The other 3 sounds that I hand-picked to be on the track all serve as complementary sounds. The recording of the teacher speaking was edited extensively until it sounds like a person screaming in a low pitch and adds background during the software instrument part. The sound of an open tap and the taping of the music stand creates a sound not unlike running water and is used at the climax to complement it.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
Throughout this process, I learned many new things, from using the software instrument’s keyboard controls, including different notes, changing octaves, changing the instrument, temporarily increasing the pitch, etc. I learned how to use many different plug-ins, from phasers, which is how I edited the tapping of the music stand, to pitch shifters, which, as the name suggests, changes the pitch of the piece, which I used to make my software instrument sound deeper, and reverbs, my personal favourite, which allows you to recreate echos in different environment, which I used for many things, from the button clicking to the closing door. these plugins were instrumental to my music

What challenges did you face and overcome? 
I faced a multitude of challenges but luckily managed to overcome them all. One of the problems is how to incorporate the sounds to the music in a meaningful way without disrupting my piece too much. by using plugins, trims and making the sound repeat, I managed to match the atmosphere of my music. Another problem was incorporating software instruments. I could find no way to squeeze one in. so I decided to delete a track I found to be mediocre at best and replaced it with melodic software instrument tracks. By lowering the pitch and careful selection of notes, it blended in quite well with the rest of the track.