Grade 8 Science – Credible Scientist

In my two projects in this unit, there are several things we did well, and some things that aren’t exactly the best.
In both my projects, I had controlled the control variables were controlled relatively well. In both projects, the height was kept relatively consistent throughout the project. However, we didn’t include the failed trials. For example. sometimes the barbie doll didn’t fall straight down and leaned over in one side too much, and the whirlybird sometimes fell on elevated objects and thus created inaccurate data. While we decided to redo the trials, the teacher said that it is best to leave those in and specify what went wrong with this trail.
Some things were simply not controlled well. the barbie doll fell in deferent positions, and that might have skewered the results, and sometime a door opening will send a gust of wind that rendered the trial inaccurate. I have learned that controlling the control variables is very important to being a credible scientist.
control variables aren’t the only thing a credible scientist has to worry about. the Independent variable and the dependent variable are also important too, for example, my whirlybird experiment’s DV is to measure the distance from the drop location. It soon became impractical as it was had to mark the drop location and even harder to measure it accurately under time pressure. Therefore, I only managed to record 3 trials of the same independent variable.
However, many things were controlled well. For example, even though I managed to do only 3 trials of the whirlybird experiment, the values were relatively consistent. (42, 39, 43 cm) therefore, my data can be considered reliable.
Another thing I did well is that my graph was also consistent. Not only were the trials within each independent variable reliable, but the values between each independent variable is also reliable. all my values were close to the trendline. in the bungee Barbee experiment. all values were within 3 cm to what the trendline shows. this further shows my data is reliable.

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