Ukelele song: Jingle bell rock

My recording:

How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?
The┬ályrics were the same as the original song because jingle bell rock is a quite good song, better than any modifications I make, It creates a cheerful, festive environment. also, I don’t want to get confused, Because by the time I am halfway done, I will get really confused about what modifications are mistakes and what are intentional. However, I found the original chords not sounding at all like the intended sound, so I changed those out to something that sounds like the intended music, and it also sounds much more in tune when put together with the singing compared to the original chords.
How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment?
The music classes first help me get more comfortable about holding the ukelele, It also helps me by teaching me some basic chords and knowing how to learn new chords, because I didn’t know how to read the chord diagrams. Also, thanks to the classes, my garage band skills allow me to sound at least somewhat competent. I am now much better at using flex time to make my song in time, also, I know how to copy and paste pieces of music, I just kept recording a chord until it is perfect, and copied and pasted into the appropriate parts of the song. This has greatly helped with my time management, allowing me to make better songs with less time, meaning I could spend more time on other things such as singing, or tailoring the drummer. Also, I added a drummer to make my music sound better, since my strumming and singing is mostly in time, the drummer blends in with the song quite well and gives it a bit more flavour.

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