This week, we finally finished the first section to our pitch, the part we have to make a pitch for our charity. Although we lost, we still put a lot of work into it. But there are a lot I can improve on.


To prepare the pitch we had to mindstorm but even before that, we have to learn how to make a pitch first. We learned about how to use persuade technique, how to make a hook and how to pitch our pitch than we mindstorm, and draft.  Some problems we encountered were, we did get enough time in class to finish the steps we have to finish and instead doing it at home. It was a really big problem to us because if we are working at to different places, we can’t communicate with each other properly.

When we finally showed the pitch to everyone, I wasn’t really happy with what I did. During the pitch, I was really nervous because I never done anything like this before. So I just want to get over it,  when it was my turn, I was talking really fast and not pausing on parts I am suppose to pause. I found it very hard to pause when I am nervous even though I practice hard at home to pause.

If I was the teacher, I would give myself a “M” for overall because I think I did pretty well on using persuasive techniques and I didn’t use much filler. And I would give myself a “BM” for using pauses to make speech more clear.

If I can redo the pitch again, I would use pauses to make my speech more clear and  slow down the speed I talk so people can hear my voice more clearly.

weekly reflection

This week was very exciting, we had the Remembrance day, we started to complete our pitch for our charity. But the thing I am most satisfied about was we finally made our map ball team for PE!

When we first made our teams, we just chose our own team and got into a group of five. When we finally got in groups I took a look and clearly the teams aren’t fair sometimes have all the best player in our class and some team only have a decent players (that was my team). After choosing our team, we each got a role. I was the captain of my team, Emily was the team manager, Aden is the sportsmanship manager and Brianna plus Nathan are the media team.

Later, Mr. Wah gathered all the team captains and told the other player catch and throw. For the captains, we have to take a look at the teams and see which team is too strong and which team is weak. It took us three rounds to get the right team. But it was worth it, all the team was fair.

Mr. Wah was pretty happy of our teams because none of us were greedy for our teams but we tried to make the fairest team.

At the end all of our team are fair although  it took us a lot of time to make our team and didn’t get to play a game of Map ball but I thought it was really worth it because our map ball league would be fair.

weekly reflection for oct 21 – oct 26

Hi everyone! It has been 2 weeks since my last weekly reflection. And there was a lot of exciting thing that happened this week.This week we had our first PE class with Mr. Walt. we played Mat ball; I thought it was really fun.

This was the first time I ever played Mat ball and i found it similar to baseball. In Mat ball, we basically have to get into a team of 5, and we pass the ball two of more passes and we try to score. In order to score, you have to pass the ball to your teammate in the goal on the other side of the pitch. I basically used my baseball mechanics in map ball and it turned out to be really well.

When I was playing the game I really enjoyed it because in the game Mat ball, everyone had a chance to do something. And i liked running to a open space and throwing the ball. But the most satisfying thing was when I makes a good play and my teammates  are happy.

During the second map ball game, we lost by 6 point. Our opponent was really strong. They were making short passes so it will harder to cut of and they were all moving around to empty spot. Maybe next time we can do the same thing they did.






Caged Home Activity

E-Folio Reflection #1 :

Name: Arthur                                            Date: Friday, Oct 5, 2018


This week I am going to talk about the game we played to learn more about caged homes. We went outside and we were given masking tape, measuring tape calculator. Using these materials we had to measure out a caged home on the field to see how big a caged home really is.


Before I started on this caged-home subject I thought a subdivided flat is really small. But the caged home is actually 80 square foot big, the photos I saw on the internet subdivided flats are just about 2 tables big. I first thought that the caged homes were a lot bigger, but after making them I realize how small 80 square foot is.


When we first started this project, we found out, one foot is actually 30.48 cm. And a caged-home is 80 feet that would make the room pretty big. All five of our group members can fit in the room. But later on we considered about how much space the furniture might take, there are only around 2 square meters of living space.


When we were taping the perimeter of our caged home, we ran out of tape without even finishing how the first side. Stop we were stuck there because we don’t have enough tape to finish circling the perimeter of the caged home.

But the team next to as found a solution, they only taped the corners of the caged home and that would save a lot of tapes to complete the cage!


We did well on this project because we finished our project with some help from another but we did give in! There is still so much thing that we could improve on this project. Like one of the other team actually had time to mark where all the furniture is in the caged home. And maybe next time we should try to do all the works be ourselves.

Article We Read About Caged Homes

We Are Building Our Own Caged Home


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