Destruction of Tourism on Sea Life and the Ocean!!

Each year, around 25.8 mil people visit Malaysia, as that number continues to increase, sea life and the ocean is threatened every day. The demand for clean fresh swimmable ocean gets higher, more and more tourism companies explore wild and unexplored islands and claim it there own.  Because of this demand, hundreds of coral reefs are killed.

But the root of this problem is us, tourists, we are the ones that sponsor those tourist companies. Because of tourism, habitats for wild animals are lost, coral reefs are destroyed, and the ocean is polluted.

Why dead coral reefs could mark the beginning of ‘dangerous’ climate change - The Washington PostIf you want to prevent above from happening, here are some things you can do:

  • Before planning a trip, do some research on if it’s eco-friendly
  • Try to go on less vacation
  • When on vacation try not to disturb wildlife
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY think twice before you are sure about something. Do you think what you are doing is eco-friendly?

Activist Speech Reflection

This week, we all finished our activist speech, it was overall really good. From the result everyone work really hard on this project. My topic was about the affect of animal agriculture on our environment. Here are something that I did well on and also some improvements.

What was good about my speech and my presentation:

I think I did really good on my statistics, there were a lot of data that I found from many websides and I made the data I collected easy to understand by my audience. I kept my slide interesting and funny not just statistics. One good example is at the end of the slide I was talking about all the benefits of eating less beaf. And for 1 of them, I talked about how it can reduce global warming. I used animations to show a man kicking the global warming earth away.

Things I can improve on:

I need more active eyecontact instead of just looking at the notes. I need to be more confident, move around and rise my voice, and avoid filler words like um… ok… wait… etc.

Here is my speech.

Last Blog Post of This Year!!

Since this is the last blog of the year, I am going to write a highlight about this whole term and the highlight of this year.

How the world works unit:

In this unit, we explored the scientific method and learned how to do an experiment.  Lee (my partner) and I explored the science behind soda and why dissolved with other chemicals with creating a chemical reaction. This unit was probably my favourite unit because I am really interested in science and I was able to learn more about it. Here is me and Lee’s experimental explanation.

Exhibition planning:

Between the HTWW unit and the STP unit, we planned for our exhibition. This was the first time I explore planning what I wanted to do. Because I was really interested in electro-engineering and how the world worked. I decided that for my exhibition I am going to explore more about science and how electro-engineering can solve problems in the world.

Here are my lines of inquiry:

  • An inquiry into how to make prototypes and how electrical components work
  • An inquiry into how technology has affected the way we live and our ecosystem
  • How to use electrical energy and renewable energy to solve global issues and improve life.


Dec 2-6

This week has been full fun and exciting events. There was a peter pan play and the bookfair was also on this weel. It has been a wonderful week, and now it’s time for me to report it to you guys now.

Peter Pan Play:

The play was great like I can’t even how to describe how good it was. There were twists, it was funny and it all just fantastic acting for the upper school. during the whole performance, I knew what was happening, it’s not like one of those assembly acting shows, it’s so much more and better. To be honest, when I first went to the LAAC, I didn’t expect that much more the upper school students, cause there are just students. Their performance completely blew my mind. I highly suggest you go to the LAAC and watch it today. I am sure that put a lot of work into this performance and it’s just overall great.


Another thing that happened this week was the bookfair. Although I didn’t buy any books in the bookfair there were many good books there but I just didn’t bring my money.

This week is overall really good. It’s almost 2:20 now so I have to go, bye and thanks for reading my blog!!

AHH! Exhibition Emotions.

Hey guys, it’ s Arthur mama here. We kicked off the week with a challenge! it’s called the 100 challenge, what you have to do is make the hardest equations for 1 to 100. You can work in a group of 4 and the winning group will get 10 cookies. If you ask me, that is a good prize. I am determined to win.

The picture above is a CSI I wrote about my emotion for exhibition.

My goals for this year!!

Two Goals I Want To Work On This Year!!


This year, I want to work on having a good hook for my writing. This will be important because I feel like when I read my stories or essays,  the introduction feels very dull and I don’t feel like reading it.

I will work on this goal by spending more time on the hook of a story rather than the information in the story. I want to achieve this goal by the end of this year.

I also want to be more organized. That means that I have to sign my agenda every week and do my home learning every week.  And I also have to look after my own belongings, I don’t want to lose anything during school or anywhere and I want to always have my books and pencil either in my tray or in my locker so I will know where everything is any time.

I want to keep this cool the entire school year because this will greatly help my learning both ineffectiveness and speed.

Week 6

Week 6…… 


This is the last week in the month of Sept and we ended it with a BANG. This week was probably the best week of the month of Sept. We did our planed our experiment and conducted it, last but not least, we had our house spirit day!! 


Last we Lee and I already planned everything for the experiment already but we were getting approval from Mr. Brodie, he disproved our scientific question so we had to change all of our hard work and start again. It was a big setback for us and it was pretty frustrating for me cause the data and planning we did for the scientific question that we had to change cost me and lee more 5 hours of hard work. We couldn’t get the new scientific question down in class time so me and lee decided to work on it at home. We were able to recover all of our work in 90 minutes. Our in scientific was How much co2 does Alka Setlzer and mentos in coke release and how does it compare to just a normal coke without an independent variable? I came our with this question because I saw one of my peer playing with a balloon (ahem off-task ahem), so I thought what if we put mentos in the coke and then put a ballon our the cottle so it would measure the amount of co2 released in it. 


This is our old doc 




Follow to learn about the CDNIS  house spirit day. 

5 Weeks into Grade 6

5 weeks in 


This week many things happened, like international library day, I learned many thing I that event, and today was Pancake and Pajama day. Everyone wore their pyjamas. Except for me, I didn’t forget but instead, I didn’t have time to change.


In this year’s international as usual there was a different station for each country. But not every country had a station, a parent had to volunteer a country. I the activity taught me a lot of things, like: I learned that the Taj Mahal was built in memorials of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife. I also learned that the totem pole belongs to Canada. The Totem Pole is consisted of at least 4 heads, you can put the heads in different orders. I think the totem is supposed to scare people away. 


In Pancake and Pajama day most people wore there pyjama’s, But I couldn’t or else I would have missed the Bus, I it really unfortunate that I missed the last pancake and pyjama ever the I will attend. But at least I got some pancake.


This week was overall really good week and fun. 

First Blog Of 2019

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my class blog! Our 2 weeks Christmas break as just ended, and we are back in school! Some of the thing we did in this week are: our art class finally started, and we have a new unit “how we express ourselves”. But my favourite part of this week I our first Adobe Illustrator with Mr. Larson.

In our first lesson, we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to make shapes and draw. I really enjoyed the process of learning how to make shapes because this was my first time using Adobe Illustrator. Because of that, I didn’t where any of the keys are and what the  do. So I had to figure them out, and I like figuring stuff out.

Some problem that I face were in our task, we had to make a star using one of our tools. We normally use the shape helper to make it, and all we have to do is draw the shape and it will figure out what you are trying to draw, and then it makes your shape accurate. But then when I was trying to draw a star, the tool didn’t work. It took some time for me to figure out what to do and with help from a friend, I was able figure it out.

After figuring out the star thing and completing my task , I felt really proud of myself for not giving up.