Destruction of Tourism on Sea Life and the Ocean!!

Each year, around 25.8 mil people visit Malaysia, as that number continues to increase, sea life and the ocean is threatened every day. The demand for clean fresh swimmable ocean gets higher, more and more tourism companies explore wild and unexplored islands and claim it there own.  Because of this demand, hundreds of coral reefs are killed.

But the root of this problem is us, tourists, we are the ones that sponsor those tourist companies. Because of tourism, habitats for wild animals are lost, coral reefs are destroyed, and the ocean is polluted.

Why dead coral reefs could mark the beginning of ‘dangerous’ climate change - The Washington PostIf you want to prevent above from happening, here are some things you can do:

  • Before planning a trip, do some research on if it’s eco-friendly
  • Try to go on less vacation
  • When on vacation try not to disturb wildlife
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY think twice before you are sure about something. Do you think what you are doing is eco-friendly?

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