Activist Speech Reflection

This week, we all finished our activist speech, it was overall really good. From the result everyone work really hard on this project. My topic was about the affect of animal agriculture on our environment. Here are something that I did well on and also some improvements.

What was good about my speech and my presentation:

I think I did really good on my statistics, there were a lot of data that I found from many websides and I made the data I collected easy to understand by my audience. I kept my slide interesting and funny not just statistics. One good example is at the end of the slide I was talking about all the benefits of eating less beaf. And for 1 of them, I talked about how it can reduce global warming. I used animations to show a man kicking the global warming earth away.

Things I can improve on:

I need more active eyecontact instead of just looking at the notes. I need to be more confident, move around and rise my voice, and avoid filler words like um… ok… wait… etc.

Here is my speech.

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