Last Blog Post of This Year!!

Since this is the last blog of the year, I am going to write a highlight about this whole term and the highlight of this year.

How the world works unit:

In this unit, we explored the scientific method and learned how to do an experiment.  Lee (my partner) and I explored the science behind soda and why dissolved with other chemicals with creating a chemical reaction. This unit was probably my favourite unit because I am really interested in science and I was able to learn more about it. Here is me and Lee’s experimental explanation.

Exhibition planning:

Between the HTWW unit and the STP unit, we planned for our exhibition. This was the first time I explore planning what I wanted to do. Because I was really interested in electro-engineering and how the world worked. I decided that for my exhibition I am going to explore more about science and how electro-engineering can solve problems in the world.

Here are my lines of inquiry:

  • An inquiry into how to make prototypes and how electrical components work
  • An inquiry into how technology has affected the way we live and our ecosystem
  • How to use electrical energy and renewable energy to solve global issues and improve life.


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