Dec 2-6

This week has been full fun and exciting events. There was a peter pan play and the bookfair was also on this weel. It has been a wonderful week, and now it’s time for me to report it to you guys now.

Peter Pan Play:

The play was great like I can’t even how to describe how good it was. There were twists, it was funny and it all just fantastic acting for the upper school. during the whole performance, I knew what was happening, it’s not like one of those assembly acting shows, it’s so much more and better. To be honest, when I first went to the LAAC, I didn’t expect that much more the upper school students, cause there are just students. Their performance completely blew my mind. I highly suggest you go to the LAAC and watch it today. I am sure that put a lot of work into this performance and it’s just overall great.


Another thing that happened this week was the bookfair. Although I didn’t buy any books in the bookfair there were many good books there but I just didn’t bring my money.

This week is overall really good. It’s almost 2:20 now so I have to go, bye and thanks for reading my blog!!

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