My goals for this year!!

Two Goals I Want To Work On This Year!!


This year, I want to work on having a good hook for my writing. This will be important because I feel like when I read my stories or essays,  the introduction feels very dull and I don’t feel like reading it.

I will work on this goal by spending more time on the hook of a story rather than the information in the story. I want to achieve this goal by the end of this year.

I also want to be more organized. That means that I have to sign my agenda every week and do my home learning every week.  And I also have to look after my own belongings, I don’t want to lose anything during school or anywhere and I want to always have my books and pencil either in my tray or in my locker so I will know where everything is any time.

I want to keep this cool the entire school year because this will greatly help my learning both ineffectiveness and speed.

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