Week 6

Week 6…… 


This is the last week in the month of Sept and we ended it with a BANG. This week was probably the best week of the month of Sept. We did our planed our experiment and conducted it, last but not least, we had our house spirit day!! 


Last we Lee and I already planned everything for the experiment already but we were getting approval from Mr. Brodie, he disproved our scientific question so we had to change all of our hard work and start again. It was a big setback for us and it was pretty frustrating for me cause the data and planning we did for the scientific question that we had to change cost me and lee more 5 hours of hard work. We couldn’t get the new scientific question down in class time so me and lee decided to work on it at home. We were able to recover all of our work in 90 minutes. Our in scientific was How much co2 does Alka Setlzer and mentos in coke release and how does it compare to just a normal coke without an independent variable? I came our with this question because I saw one of my peer playing with a balloon (ahem off-task ahem), so I thought what if we put mentos in the coke and then put a ballon our the cottle so it would measure the amount of co2 released in it. 


This is our old doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XxrwFePCn_YmAgFqXeOGL6TuXXmPj68aEWLS6_qaDnw/edit?usp=sharing 





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