5 Weeks into Grade 6

5 weeks in 


This week many things happened, like international library day, I learned many thing I that event, and today was Pancake and Pajama day. Everyone wore their pyjamas. Except for me, I didn’t forget but instead, I didn’t have time to change.


In this year’s international as usual there was a different station for each country. But not every country had a station, a parent had to volunteer a country. I the activity taught me a lot of things, like: I learned that the Taj Mahal was built in memorials of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife. I also learned that the totem pole belongs to Canada. The Totem Pole is consisted of at least 4 heads, you can put the heads in different orders. I think the totem is supposed to scare people away. 


In Pancake and Pajama day most people wore there pyjama’s, But I couldn’t or else I would have missed the Bus, I it really unfortunate that I missed the last pancake and pyjama ever the I will attend. But at least I got some pancake.


This week was overall really good week and fun. 

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