First Blog Of 2019

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my class blog! Our 2 weeks Christmas break as just ended, and we are back in school! Some of the thing we did in this week are: our art class finally started, and we have a new unit “how we express ourselves”. But my favourite part of this week I our first Adobe Illustrator with Mr. Larson.

In our first lesson, we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to make shapes and draw. I really enjoyed the process of learning how to make shapes because this was my first time using Adobe Illustrator. Because of that, I didn’t where any of the keys are and what the  do. So I had to figure them out, and I like figuring stuff out.

Some problem that I face were in our task, we had to make a star using one of our tools. We normally use the shape helper to make it, and all we have to do is draw the shape and it will figure out what you are trying to draw, and then it makes your shape accurate. But then when I was trying to draw a star, the tool didn’t work. It took some time for me to figure out what to do and with help from a friend, I was able figure it out.

After figuring out the star thing and completing my task , I felt really proud of myself for not giving up.

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