weekly reflection

This week was very exciting, we had the Remembrance day, we started to complete our pitch for our charity. But the thing I am most satisfied about was we finally made our map ball team for PE!

When we first made our teams, we just chose our own team and got into a group of five. When we finally got in groups I took a look and clearly the teams aren’t fair sometimes have all the best player in our class and some team only have a decent players (that was my team). After choosing our team, we each got a role. I was the captain of my team, Emily was the team manager, Aden is the sportsmanship manager and Brianna plus Nathan are the media team.

Later, Mr. Wah gathered all the team captains and told the other player catch and throw. For the captains, we have to take a look at the teams and see which team is too strong and which team is weak. It took us three rounds to get the right team. But it was worth it, all the team was fair.

Mr. Wah was pretty happy of our teams because none of us were greedy for our teams but we tried to make the fairest team.

At the end all of our team are fair although  it took us a lot of time to make our team and didn’t get to play a game of Map ball but I thought it was really worth it because our map ball league would be fair.

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